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Suddenly and surprisingly, I am back in Bucks County, cooking everything except turkey and pecan pie (one I don't eat, and the other, well, I am much too scattered to bake anything properly) for my mom and my grandmom.

I hate it up here, and every time I come I get all bratty and wonder why my family all had to move out of the city to a place where you have to drive everywhere and another farm turns into a Toll Brothers house or a Wegmans every year. (I wonder this aloud.) And I get sad that most of my family is all spread apart, and because I know that as soon as my absurdly Jewish-thrifty grandmother sees the piles of food I made for three people she will make me feel really guilty. Lovingly though. She has mastered the perfect love-guilt mix.

But I am so massively thankful to be here cooking for them.

And I want to tell all of you how thankful I am for you too.

I am lucky that I know Dan and Ray, who are great, and who inspire me over and over by how much they know, and how sensitively they have thought through all their positions. And lucky that they created and foster this space. Even without my normal dramatic overstatement, I can say that meeting them and finding this website--and all of you--has made my life better.

So I am thankful for being able to be totally dorky over policy and politics, for learning tons of new things, and for Sam's cheerleading, which sometimes is over the top enough to shake even me out of my despair at, uh, the whole of modern late-capitalist American society.

I guess comment if you are all sappy too.

Back at ya, Jen. Here's

Back at ya, Jen.

Here's hoping our T--day conversations are better informed because of YPP (even if nobody wants to listen any more).


Haha between YPP and law school

Haha between YPP and law school, I am an authority on everything but have no actual expertise in anything. Lucky my family isn't inclined towards political discussions or everyone would hate me.

See, I haven't been back in

See, I haven't been back in Detroit for Thanksgiving since 04, but at weddings and such, whenever anyone asks "when are you going to be done with school?"; "A 'dissertation'? Is that like writing a novel?"; or "do you think you'll move back to teach in Michigan?" I say, "So, there's this guy Michael Nutter..."


You're sweet Jennifer!

We're all thankful that you have joined this community too. Here's a photo of me preparing the Thanksgiving meal today. I had actually just stopped my work to think about and remember how thankful I was to have met you:

[is anyone scared by the combination of my improving HTML skills and the fact that I finally figured out how to emulate right-clicking on my iBook? I am going to be inserting a lot more pics around here...)

Haha lovely!

If I hadn't already exhausted all my little emoticon hearts, I would put them here. I have to remember to try not to start at 100%.


for time with my family, my new nephew,wonderful friends, the impending end of Republican rule and those here working towards a better Philadelphia.

And Ray - you'd always be welcome if your letter affiliation in the lgbt acronym changes.

I am cyber blushing.

I am cyber blushing.

Thanks, Jennifer.

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