Inquirer Editorial on Ethics

Yeah, shocking, but I very much agree with this editorial:

With preservationists and developers debating whether the old Dilworth House should be razed to make way for new condominiums, Philadelphia ought to consider whether the legacy of reform built by its 177th mayor has already been demolished.

Richardson Dilworth didn't win the 1947 mayoral election, but his vigorous anti-corruption campaign set the stage for the eventual defeat of Mayor Barney Samuel's crooked machine. Dilworth fearlessly accused 128 public officials, ward bosses and judges of being corrupt. His relentlessness helped elect reform candidate Joseph Sill Clark Jr. in 1951. Dilworth was elected mayor in 1955.

Move the clock ahead half a century, and once again you find Philadelphia besieged by corruption. Though no allegations have been made against Mayor John Street, his administration is far from blameless. Today's mutual scratching of backs benefits pols and cronies who feed from the public trough using pay-to-play deals to trade campaign donations for city contracts.

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First on the agenda ought to be creation of a powerful permanent board of ethics to replace Street's feeble interim board.

The interim board hasn't even called a public hearing to ask Mariano to explain his refusal to abide by the single most important ethics requirement on the city's books: disclosing his sources of income. Mariano is the "target" of an FBI probe into whether he traded his Council vote on legislation that gave tax breaks to a business that in return paid his credit-card bill.

In New York City, failure to file a similar financial disclosure form for public officials is punishable by imprisonment for up to one year and a penalty of $10,000.

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History Repeats Itself

And is made here,...I actually agree w/ Daniel UA! :)
But,..with the Democratic Party firmly entrenched in this city, who's going to reverse the trend started by the Department of (John) Street?

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