And now from the Paul Vallas school of crisis management . . .

Because only Vallas would know how to turn a disaster (a federal audit forcing the district to return milions in "misspent" funds) into a public relations opportunity:

"Nowhere in the report does it suggest officials engaged in the misappropriation of federal funds during the audit period," Paul Vallas said yesterday.

Vallas, now schools superintendent in New Orleans, said the federal government had been encouraging schools "to use grant money in more flexible ways."

During his tenure, Philadelphia test scores soared, and the district had one of the greatest increases in graduation rates in the nation, he said.

"It happened because the dollars were used creatively to fund programs that were having the greatest impact," Vallas said.

C'mon, don't you miss him a little bit?

In other news, read the latest on the teacher contract at the Public School Notebook.

The State should give it back

With the costing out study as a mandate for funding education, we know longer need to have state control of our school district. I would work hard to restore local control of both the school district and the parking authority.

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