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Two Quick Notes: My New Blog and PAYD Elections this Saturday

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First, I am excited to announce my new blog Activ8us, the purpose of my blog is to highlight innovative tools and strategies for activating America's next great generation. I look forward to cross-posting my upcoming piece analyzing Young Voter Strategies  document Top Ten Tips to Mobilize Young Voters.

I'm using the Tumbleblog platform, which lives up to its marketing tag-line "Tumbleblogs are the refreshingly new way to share anything..." Tumblr's ease of use and free mobile blogging tools really are fantastic for any blogger on the run.

Blogosphere Buzzing About David Slavick's Recent Essay on MyDD.

Dave Slavick's campaign is featured in a front-page post on MyDD in an essay titled
The Push for Progress in Central PA: The Front Lines of '08 .
Above Average Jane has called the essay
"very illuminating...on how the state political party views state house races."

The essay makes the case for focusing on rural races now in order to ensure a Democratic win in the '08 Presidential race. Read the essay that has people talking here .

Philadelphia Region Blogger "Above Average Jane" Interviews David Slavick Candidate for State Representative (PA-109)

Philadelphia region blogger "Above Average Jane" http://aboveavgjane.blogspot.com interviews David Slavick candidate for State Representative (PA-109). Here is a sneak preview of the questions Jane asked Dave in the recent interview:

- You’ve worked abroad and traveled quite a bit. Will you be content to “stay down on the farm once you’ve seen Paree?”
- What lessons have you learned from your international work that can be transferred to representing Columbia County?
- You are making use of social networking computer programs like MySpace and Friendster. Are you in favor of any kind of
regulation on the use of these and similar programs?.....................................

See the rest of Dave Slavick's 8/28 interview with Above Average Jane at this link: http://tinyurl.com/s9jro

On Attending the 2006 AWEA Windpower Conference

Sustainable Energy An Important Part of My Vision For Pennsylvania's Future

As the Democratic Candidate for State Representative in the 109Th Legislative District I have made a commitment to exploring the ways our legislature can promote sustainable economic growth in Pennsylvania. In keeping with this promise I attended the 2006 AWEA Windpower Conference. I am dedicated to investigating the different sources of sustainable energy and this conference helped me gain a better understanding of the practical aspects of wind energy. I was lucky enough to attend the conference in my capacity as Berwick Borough Planning Commission Member under a scholarship program created by Governor Rendell in an effort to get information on alternative energy to local officials.

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Government Transparency Wins Big as Slavick Earns 73% of the Democratic Vote in the Primary

David Slavick Candidate for the Pennsylvania General Assembly earns 73% of the Democratic Vote in the May 16Th Primary Election with a strong reform platform.

Slavick strongly and openly supports greater transparency in government and better lobbyist disclosure laws for the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

For more information on David's Campaign go to:


To donate to David's Campaign for Reform:


Young Philly Politics Blogger Running for State Representative

throws his hat into the ring for State Representative (109th District) versus Republican incumbent. Promises increased economic development, youth involvement, and fairer taxation. Below is an article introducing the candidate and explaining his stance on some prescient state issues.

Berwick man hoping he can unseat Millard

Click on image to download pdf

Press Enterprise Writer

BERWICK — A 26-year-old who helped draft business laws in Serbia is hoping to unseat David Millard as state representative.

David Slavick, 239 E. Fifth St., Berwick, is running for the Democratic nomination in the primary May 16.

Slavick will square off against fellow Democrat Conrad Gosciminski Sr., 61, of Catawissa. The winner will then battle Millard for the House seat in November.

You and Aristotle. Great Minds Think Alike

All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have
been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth. ~Aristotle

I want to thank each person who has signed the petition to help save the Mulberry Street School. You the petitioners, like the great philosopher Aristotle, realize that successful education will help ensure the future of our community and of our nation. Your contribution to this important cause serves the vital role of informing the District's Administrators and the School Board as to the wide-spread public support for this vital anchor for our community.

You understand that our area will prosper when it has excellent schools that teach its children both their three R's, as well as, to be good public citizens. We all recognize the important role that community based education plays in developing a child's natural born ability to be a productive and positive member of our society. This natural ability thrives in schools where students feel a sense of ownership in their education. This sense of ownership has its roots in the understanding that they, as an individual, make the school a better place to be. These values carry on in life, producing students who can take an active role in helping develop our community.

The Mulberry Street Elementary School excels in developing well-educated and community minded students. Therefore, we need to continue to inform the public regarding the school’s success. Please help inform your family, friends, neighbors and fellow church members about our petition and about this site. Help educate them about what we all already know that there is no lesson to be learned by punishing student achievement. Click the mail icon below to send this page to a friend.

  • If You Have Not Yet Signed the Petition Click Here to Help Save the Mulberry Street Elementary School by Signing Here.
  • Mulberry Street Project Meeting This Tuesday

    Show your support by attending the Mulberry Street Project meeting this tuesday night, January 24, tell them the real "Mulberry Street Project" is emulating the school's success, not shutting it down.

    Tell A Friend to go to meeting next Tuesday night, together we can save Mulberry Street School.

  • Click Here to Help Save the Mulberry Street Elementary School by Signing the Petition.
  • Get Directions to 500 Line St

    The Facts Speak For Themselves Now Speak Up for The Facts

    The statistics don't lie, Mulberry Street works, with 89% Proficiency in Reading and 100% proficiency in reading according to the District's own web-site. Unfortunately, the school district's website does not list any mention of the Mulberry Street Project. However, they have made available a helpful email address where citizens can send their questions and concerns regarding this important issue.

  • Ask Any Questions and Voice any Concerns You May Have Regarding the Closing of the Mulberry Street Elementary School by Clicking Here.>
  • Help These Children From Being Left Behind: Help Save Their School

    I am writing on behalf of the Mulberry Street Elementary School, a small neighborhood school in Berwick, PA. The school serves a predominance of economically disadvantaged students and a high number of special education students, yet was the first of the district, and one of the first in the Northeastern PA region to get on track to meeting their No Child Left Behind and PSSA performance targets. The school achieved 100% proficiency in Math, and 88.9% proficiency in Reading better than any other school in the District and nearly twice the state average. Due to some poor financial decisions the School District made several years ago including the financing a multimillion dollar gymnasium in anticipation of skewed tax revenue projections that never bore fruit. They are now choosing to cut corners but cutting the most vulnerable of our district's population out of the budget. Under PA law when a district attempts to close a school that primarily serves economically disadvantaged students they must create a committee and have open meetings to the public to discuss the community’s reaction to the closing before making a decision; however, unfortunately, based upon the facts they've presented it is likely that the District’s administrators have already made up their mind. With an equally unkind slight of hand they have titled the project discussing the closing the "Mulberry Street Project," its sort of like calling an act that will cause people to work more hours without additional pay the “Family Time Flexibility Act.”

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