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Legislature - Pay Us Back -AGAIN

Pay Us Back - Again

As President of the Delaware County Young Democrats and a taxpayer, I Casey Roncaglione, am calling on Representative Mario Civera to repay Taxpayers for the money spent airing Public Service Announcements on his behalf. The total is $114,801. We also demand all other Legislators, Republican and Democrat, to do the same.

Mr. Civera (R-164 Upper Darby) stood on the House floor calling for restraint of new taxes in the Governor's budget. A good start to that restraint would be to reimburse the Taxpayer for Representative Civera's own lack of restraint, anything less would be hypocritical and make his budget statements just political posturing.

When Representative Civera took the late night pay raise in 2005, he reluctantly returned the money after public pressure forced him to face reality. We hope he will see the light with his PSA spending as he did with the pay raise, and return the money to the State.

Evans for Mayor


Dwight Evans for Mayor
Being that Philadelphia is in close proximity to our community, I feel the new Mayor of Philadelphia can be a positive force in uplifting our area. It is with this in mind that I support Dwight Evans for Mayor of Philadelphia.
His record speaks for itself, and to list his qualifications would take too much space here.
On a personal note, while I was running for State Rep in Upper Darby, he took his time to call me during the election and offer encouragement and advice. He is a fine man and has the best intentions for making our neighbor, Philadelphia, a better place. A mayor of Philadelphia who realizes that his neighboring communities can be a regional partner is a refreshing change.
Dwight Evans is a man whose vision can uplift an entire city and region.
I therefore encourage the support of Mr. Dwight Evans for Mayor of Philadelphia.

Casey Roncaglione

Delaware County Young Democrats

Young Voters

Young Voters
On November Seventh, 2006 I spent the entire day at a polling place in Drexel Hill.
Of those who came to vote I counted on one hand those whom I considered between the age of 18 and 30. No wonder their issues are given short shift by the elderly politicians. The issues of youth are decided by politicians who forget what it is to strive and succeed at an age where the toughness of living begins. The bottom line, younger voters don't vote.
It would take a political scientist to reason why that is. I have my own opinion, but why we don't take that serious problem and make it a top priority. Of course it is every persons right to exercise their vote. The right to vote was fought by those who spilt their blood so we could plot the course of America. History is replete with the freedom fighters who died for our right to vote, Martin Luther King, suffragettes, South African apartheid fighters, the purple fingers of Iraqi voters who risked life and limb to vote. So why are the youth and so many others so apathetic. Are we so caught up in our daily lives to undertake what those before us who gave their lives so we could exercise this most important right.

Election 2006 in Delco

Our effort here in the 164th legislative district was a success. Ninety Nine point Nine per cent of the people I met over the past year were good people, it was my honor to get to know so many of them.

I did not get enough votes to be elected but I lost nothing.

We did better than any other House legislative candidate running against an incumbent in all of Delaware County, except for the victorious Bryan Lentz. My campaign was financially underfunded and discounted by the state party, that's politics, and things change. Those in my corner were ultra supportive, and had nothing to gain by siding with me except for better Government. Their day is coming. The half truths, dirty tricks, intentional blurring of party lines, and pork politics were hard to overcome. This time.

Overall, it makes me proud to have run a positive campaign, on the issues. I thank each and every person in East Lansdowne, Millbourne, Upper Darby, Drexel Hill and beyond for their consideration.


More Delco Shenanigans - Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
by rzklkng on October 19, 2006 - 4:59pm

So, here's the cliff notes - allegedly, a Darby Township employee, during the workday, was observed by a campaign worker for the Casey Roncaglione campaign for state representative stealing legally placed signs from the lawns of township residents. After a police investigation, the District Attorney, Jackson M. Stewart, Jr., and a three-week period to examine the charges (which naturally would be after the election, conveniently enough). Furthermore, the police refuse to release the police report. I present to you below, the original post from Casey's blog about the incident, an email I received from the campaign worker who observed the questioned removal of signs, the planned actions in response regarding the release of the report, and the final concession by the Casey campaign that they will not receive timely justice on this attempt at electoral malfeasance.

Upper Darby Township official steals lawnsigns

Upper Darby Township
Casey R. Roncaglione
Democratic Candidate 164th District

After a high speed chase through the streets of Upper Darby, going down one way streets and almost hitting pedestrians, a city License and Inspection official was stopped by over 10 Upper Darby Police. The Township official was attempting to avoid being caught by one of my campaign worker who spotted the official stealing my campaign lawn signs. In his trunk were found my political lawn signs, illegally taken from legal Township locations. The signs were taken from private property, whose owners had given permission to me to post the signs. Lawnsigns were also stolen from Roncaglione's home as well as his neighbors and supporters.
The candidate, Casey R. Roncaglione, Democratic candidate in Upper Darby Township, called the actions typical dirty tricks. "I doubt my opponent Mario Civera (R-164) had anything to do with it, but I don't know that for sure," said Roncaglione.

Bring My Friends Home

Mister President bring my friends home. Now.

We miss them, their families miss them, our county misses them. They're the best we've got, just think what good they could do right here at home.

The Iraq war is my generation's Vietnam. Unpopular and deadly.

It is time for our sons and daughters and friends to come home. Some wont be coming home, to their families I offer my sincere sorrow. At least we honor and care for our brothers in arms this time. I know many of my fellow Upper Darby High School classmates serving with honor, doing the best they can in what is now a civil war.
I hope they all come home so no more families suffer that ultimate loss. An Iraqi veteran friend of mine, I won't mention his name, is in bad shape. Physical and mental scars are his daily burden. I visit him every one in a while and we talk about the old days, try to have some fun, but in his eyes is a look that only a few who have been in combat will know. I know I'm only a smalltime State Representative candidate with no say in Washington, but I am a citizen of this great country. As an American citizen I ask, Mr. President bring my friends home. Have the biggest parade the country's ever seen for them. Care for their every need. If they want to go to college, pay for it. Treat their wounds, both physical and mental with the best physicians we have, no matter the cost. Make it a priority that every one of them has work when they return.

Help if you can, wish.

As many of you know I'm running for State Legislator, Upper Darby Township. Drexel Hill, Upper Darby, East Lansdowne, Millbourne. My opponent, Mario Civera has around $175,00 to my $4,000 in campaign funds. I'm 21 he's 64.
I ask that you please call anyone you know in my district and ask them to come out and vote for me. Also, if they have any spare change lying around, it could help. Thanks.
Casey Roncaglione

From The Campaign Trail

I have met many people in my campaign to be the State Representative for Upper Darby, Drexel Hill, East Lansdowne and Millbourne.

All have been gracious, many receptive, one was hard to convince. I knocked on his door and introduced myself, "Hi, my name is Casey Roncaglione and I want to be your next State Representative." No sooner had I finished speaking, the man said he would be voting for Mario Civera because Mr. Civera, who used to be a barber, cut his hair when he was a child. When I told him that Mr.Civera gets free haircuts now, paid for by the taxpayers, he began to listen as I went through the list of perks and freebies that Representatives get.

It's a long list for Mr. Civera, and I told him about some of them.

He gets catered meals, free haircuts, gym memberships, money for his Cadillac lease, travel expenses, food and lodging.

Murtha coming to Delaware County

Congressman John Murtha of Johnstowne is making an appearance in Drexel Hill to support my Legislative campaign against Mario Civera. Distict 164-Upper Darby Township.I have seen too many young men and women have their lives ruined or ended for this ridiculous war. I've been told not to do this event, but I'd rather lose the election than win. The swift boat group will be here in mass, so I hope some of you will come and show them how we feel. I'll have further details on location and time.
Thanks in advance
Casey Roncaglione


July 23,2006

For the past few weeks I have been concentrating my efforts meeting my constituents(0ver 1200 by going door to door in the 164th district, (Upper Darby, Drexel Hill, East Lansdowne and Millbourne). The results have been mostly encouraging. Democrats, most Republicans and Independents are generally fed up with Mario Civera (incumbent Republican) and for that matter with the entire Delaware County legislative delegation.The reasons are too numerous to print here, but to say they are unhappy is an understatement.I’ve walked so much that my shoes are falling apart, but I’ve decided to not buy a new pair until the election is over as a statement of my determination to get the truth to the people. Hard work and and truth are worth a little shoeleather. When we get the representation that Upper Darby receives, I’ll get a new pair of shoes. Years and years of business as usual take a big effort to change and open minds, so far a pair of worn out shoes are the least of my problems. To alert my neighbors that they

November 7, 2006

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
— Margaret Mead

Mario Civera is the Legislature

The polls tell us that we are disgusted with our Pennsylvania Legislature. Yet, the same polls tell us we are not as disgusted with our own Legislator. Does this make any sense? Are they not one in the same? Our own Mario Civera stood with the Republican caucus, clapping like a seal approving with his leadership's decision to kill the property tax relief plan. This plan, not perfect, was at least a start towards breaking the 30 year logjam. Mr. Civera talks out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand he said he favored the plan, yet he stood in the Capitol Rotunda with his Republican caucus applauding the death of the property tax bill that would have at least offered some help to those who needed it most. His loyalty is to the Harrisburg leaders, of which he is one, rather than the people he represents here in Upper Darby, the 164th District. How many people will lose their homes while Civera and the Republicans fiddle in Harrisburg. Before it's too late I implore you to

Pay Raises, Per-Diems, Lobbyist Gifts, Free Books And More And More

How much longer can these Legislative fatcats get away with this abuse. I expect to hear them tell us to eat cake soon. I started this campaign because of what I saw was wrong and and wanted to make it right. We should work for the people we represent, but when you look at our Legislature and what they've been doing, you wonder if they've forgotten that. Being a sate representative, and working for your neighbors is not complicated. As a matter of fact it's simple. The incumbent attempts to complicate the simple, thus justifying their exorbitant expenses. Listen to constituents, what do they need and get it done. Make tough decisions and take the heat if it's for the betterment of the district. Be creative, find ways to spend more wisely and cut the waste and corruption. Work hard and don't stop until it's done. Put people first and do what's fair and right. Always remember who the boss is. I offer myself as an alternative to those who have represented us for so long, for too long. I'll never forget who the boss is.


It is probable that the Pennsylvania Legislature may hang Governor Rendell out to dry rather than raise the minimum wage to $7.15. It is probable that they may do the same with property taxes and with any meaningful lobbyist or government reform. An even worse scenario might be that the Governor and Legislature will give each other just enough crumbs to print their re-election pamphlets, and try to skate by us just one more time.
The result ending with the real needs of the Commonwealth once again put behind their own personal interests and benefactors.
Meanwhile the politics of distraction will dominate the discourse, pandering to voters base instincts and discouraging most from caring enough to even go to the polls in November.
The unimaginable, the possible, could also happen. The disgrace of such self-serving maneuvers may so enrage us, that lines will wind around the blocks of polling places like a python squeezing a rat. Only those brave enough to speak for what's right, to have done the job their neighbors elected them to do regardless of consequence, will be left to represent us. For those gutless hacks who took their jobs as an entitlement, a new generation of public servant will emerge in their place. A group of women and men unafraid to put the needs of people before themselves, willing to stand for something, instead of in something.

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