Constitutional Convention: Building Democrcy 2,0 - $10,000 Grants for Progressive Ideas!


Are you a social entrepreneur? Do you want to make a difference?

Tell us your idea and you could win a grant of up to $10,000 to make it happen. Submit your idea and take part at Constitutional Convention: Building Democracy 2.0, happening January 9-11,2009 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Visit to register and for event details. Registration for the Constitutional Convention is FREE. Download the attached Participant Information Packet. is an all-partisan network dedicated to educating, empowering, and energizing young people to increase our civic engagement and political participation. We work to show young people how public policy impacts our lives, and more importantly – how we can impact public policy.

This is a great idea!

I'm too old to be part of it , apparently. But here's an idea from am elder. I've done years of work with such mentors as Angeles Arrien and Michael Meade. I encourage the young people make a bridge to the elders.
There are principals I this organization that can me useful

I wrote this based on years of "circle" work in the women's movement back in the olden days. Much spirit of the "new democracy" come from native traditions. Also study the history of democracy of America, France and ancient Greece. Our current "democracy"has lost the human values that allow a civilization to survive.

Citizen Councils

A true and strong democracy requires citizens who are educated in their rights and who are willing to take a stand. All humans have much in common. Citizen Councils support the citizen in developing their voice and claiming their rights as human beings. Citizen Councils seeks to develop the shared commonality and natural good will between people that go beyond nation, politics, race, gender, religion and economics.

Citizen Council recognize the true purpose of government is to be the servant of the people and not the oppressor. Citizen Council seeks through self empowerment to become the masters of government, both through self mastery and effective checks and balances of government, corporation, military, and law.

Citizen Council is an evolving form of gathering people to explore and develop relationships with themselves, with each other, with local community and with established governing bodies. The purpose it to bring government and corporations and military into alignment with service to true and common and simple human need.

Citizen Council reaches out to include all, from the poorest and highest, to share the common vision of bringing healing to the human condition and our relationship with each other and the planet.

All humans are created equal and each human has a gift and voice to share that is innately necessary for the balance and survival of civilization.
Citizen Council's recognize all people as equal citizen's of the planet and encourage people across the globe to gather and explore and create their own Citizen Council's.

The similarities between people is far greater than the differences. Find and nurture those similarities and the healing begins.

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