Corbett and the Company He Keeps: Who is Chairing His Exploratory Committee?!

AG Tom Corbett has officially, unofficially announced his plans to run for Governor "coincidentally" on the day the Fumo verdict is announced.


This my friends is good government of the highest order, for goodness sake he has a former Supreme Court Justice chairing his campaign committee. The very model of ethics!

Corbett's campaign plan is to tap into "get rid of the bums" mentality that steadily builds (and largely for good reason) when folks vote themselves pay raises, use legislative staffers as campaign staffers, or go to jail for corruption when it is revealed they bilked a large company for $17 million dollars for their charity (using government money for company bonuses however, A-OK).

Who will chair the good government minded exploratory committee that Corbett set up? Sandra Schultz Newman. Yes, that Sandra Schultz Newman. The one that warned us that electing Obama would akin to ignoring the warning signs of the Holocaust, an email penned when she was taking a breather from suing ACORN, seeking the list of voters they registered and for them to be purged from the Commonwealth's roles.

Hey, maybe she wasn't picked for those reasons but for her ability to survive pay raise backlash where her Supreme Court Colleague Justice Nigro could not. Indeed, Mr. Corbett is so appealing as a candidate because because like Justice Newman, Corbett has won despite his party being pummeled at the polls, according to his media advisor John Brabender.

It turns out that Corbett's Chief of Staff Brian Nutt and Director of Communications Kevin Harley have/and will be working on Corbett's campaigns. Have they ever received Bonuses? I hope not, otherwise this would be awfully bum-like.

Good start, Mr. Attorney General, now if you could only focus on thing like a Do Not Call List while Mortgage Appraisal Fraud and Rescue Scams run rampant in your state we would be all set. What's that, you've got that covered to?

Corbett somehow finds it possible to "win" homeowners a $150 million settlement from Bank of America four months after it was won nationally by Illinois' AG and after he refused to sign on. You are right though, the Do Not Call list is much more important than foreclosures.

Bob Asher

Or maybe we should talk about Bob Asher, another member of this hardy band of political explorers, the guy convicted of perjury, racketeering, conspiracy and bribery along with Budd Dwyer in 1987.

Apparently the AG's considerable investigative prowess does not extend to using the internets or the googleing.

Does anyone really believe

....that Corbett is investigating the Republican legislature while running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination?

....that Bob Asher would be falling all over himself to support Corbett if there were any chance Corbett were going after John Perzel?

....that Republican primary voters are going to be pleased when they find out what kind of deal Corbett cut to spare the Democratic leader Bill DeWeese?

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