Don't let Harrisburg destroy Philadelphia

Register to vote here, and fight for your picture ID This is meant to be a big poster in front of a table or a leaflet

YOUNG-PHILLY-POLITICS-ers help me to set up pro-Vote Philly tables.

Harrisburg hates SEPTA and public transit, and Republicans have always been against a National ID,
Philly is one place in the US that one is not handicapped not to have a driver's license, and if Philadelphians yawn it may mean no more SEPTA.

You don't have to blame Romney if you want to register Republican. As governor of Massachusetts he supported Public Transit, but he picked Paul Ryan for VP who wants to destroy SEPTA.

Register to Vote here, whether Dem, Repub, (or Green to expand SEPTA), or Libertarian, despite Republicans systemically trying to prevent Libertarians or Constitutionalists from Running a Presidential Candidate in Pennsylvania.

The effort to get Philadelphia the Public Transit Oasis in this country not to be denied the vote is being run by the National Obama campaign. But all of Philadelphia is being screwed. We all must get together to prevent Philly's Voice from being muzzled in Harrisburg, Help me set up a Pro-Philly less partisan vote and ID effort. Get some non-profit organization money involved to help people get ID's and register instead of just politicos such as League of Woman Voters.

LINK for Paul Ryan will destroy Septa,

LINK for Green Party and better Cheaper SEPTA

LINK to Democratic Party hurts their cause by refusing to help Libertarians and Constitutional Party stay on the ballot


As soon as I find a good link for Green Party registration drives I will post the Obama site by editing this site. Of course a commenter can post it as well.

Material on our local hero and icon Cheri Honkala, unless comments added regularly comments will close on that site,

AFTERTHOUGHT Lack of ID in this modern world is a handicap. So many people without one in Philly is probably at least a slight economic drain on the whole city. I understand it is illegal to ask people to get a free ID without asking them to vote. A party with a former homeless mother in the Vice President slot can be at the forefront of getting Philadelphians the ID they need.

Could someone clarify what I can and can not say to get thousands of new people to get the ID they need, some of which will take the opportunity to vote, maybe more than those who see the ID helper as trying to force Obama in their face.


New suggestion for tabling

Register to vote here and let up help you to get the picture ID you need for many purpose. Sponsored by the Green Party (We process all voters regardless of party).

Informational note Harrisburg opposes Philadelphia and public transit,
So does Paul Ryan but not Romney. Green Party fights to lower fares and improve service. And fights voter depression. There are many issues, but please register and vote the way your conscience dictates. And if you don't have valuable picture ID take this public voting crisis as an opportunity to get one.

People need photo ID for many reasons

Does someone know what can be said or can't be said to urge people to get the free photo ID they need for far more than one reason.

Tell The Truth; A Bad and Stupid Law Can Be Enforced

My view is that the "free ID that can only be used for voter registration" is just a trap to harass voters and volunteers. If people have ID, they will be likely to find other uses for it, and should be able to do so without any fear of official retribution.

So we should leave it up to each voter whether they want to pay the $13.50 or not and get unrestricted ID. Most, I would guess will want to pay the $13.50; some will not. Obviously, the passage of a law does not guarantee its enforcement: some people may "get away" with using free ID for other purposes; sooner or later, if this outrageous law is upheld, someone will not and will be liable for violating it. (I have no idea how severe the penalty for violation will be, but we cannot assume that it will be non-existent; the state will have been arguably "defrauded" of $13.50; if two or more people "conspire" to violate the law, then the crime of conspiracy has been committed; a volunteer who gets 100 people who intend to use their ID for other purposes has "conspired" with them to "defraud" the state of $1350.) So I would not urge anyone to make any promises that the law will be unenforced, or that it can be ignored.

Those who think they will want to use their I.D. for other purposes (because this society has no shortage of requests for ID) should pay the $13.50. If they don't have $13.50 available, nothing stops them from getting the free ID now, and getting the $13.50 ID at some later date as the need for it becomes more apparent.

One is not allowed to have two driving licenses

Rep. Mark Cohen, I see know evidence that if one gets a non-voting ID for voting, that one can return to PennDOT to get another one for $13.50. If they were serious it would be temporary ID that would expire November 6,

Republicans are always looking for new reasons to put people in jail. I am troubled by abortion but also by far longer drunk driver sentences the more victims who were killed, including the unborn. Earlier accidentally killing one or many people was the same sentence. Far more expensive health care by requiring ultrasound before an abortion and new expensive hospital standards including wide hallways ways. The way to stop some abortions is to pay for it if poverty might lead to the other children more malnourished, or home alone or under underage child day care while mommie is at work, and the abortion payment prevented by a third party paying for nourishment, day care, or in advent of a permanently handicapped child, adequate health insurance and life long assistance when needed.

Republicans might have some good ideas if they weren’t always trying to hurt and punish people.

The State Will Always Be Glad To Take $13.50.

The state will always be glad to take $13.50. The free ID is not a driver's license; it is just free ID. There is no reason why a person cannot buy an all-purpose ID at a later time.

And you are absolutely right about the relentless Republican/conservative Democrat push to put people in jail. Republican Senator Judiciary Chairman Stewart Greenleaf is deeply concerned about this, as am I.

forced health insurance = required not to show ones ID

Libertarians and Republicans believe that freedom is being attacked by forcing people to buy health insurance. How come Libertarians aren't screaming about forcing someone not to show their ID?

If a police officer asks for ID does someone owe pennDOT 13.50 if they comply by showing a voting ID that is supposed to be only used for voting not other ID purposes. Shouldn't Libertarians besides fighting to get on the ballot be screaming about this?

Tracy Gordon gave me a correction

Free ID will be stamped for voting only far more handy than no ID at all. To get a "come back with better ID" rather than "no" we don't want you.

A friend of mine with a undated Veterans Administration ID and I'm sure many savy progressives on this blog have friends and neighbors who might get a surprise election day, talk to your friends and their kids.

If I edit this post I will make RepMarkBCohen's comments rediculous so please click on the following for some amended inspiration,

I would like to replace the above slightly off post, but if I dominate at some point I will get in trouble.

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