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As an aside, as we approach what I would consider the defining moment of Obama's first term, and maybe of progressive politics- the ability to enact real universal health care when the public wants it and we have huge majorities- it was pretty nice that our Junior Senator from PA is out there saying things like this:

The last thing the American people "want us to do is to wait and delay for 2010 or 2011, because this is the economic threat to our country," Casey said. "If we don’t get this right and get it done, American families are going to pay far too much."


It really IS good for him to stand up like this.
A friend of mine in DC was at a HELP committee meeting and said he was the only one to say, unequivocally, that congress has government-provided health care and it's not fair to make Americans wait another 30 years.

so casey gets major props. Now, where's the carpetbagger? Spectator have anything constructive to add to the discussion?

Specter's for a public option

I just called Sen. Specter's office, + the staffer said that the Senator was in favor of a public option in health care reform, + stood w/Casey on this matter.

Good to hear. Snarlin' Arlen's acting more like a Dem every day.


grain of salt

specter says a lot of things.
for example, in 2006 he said the Military Commissions Act was "unconsitutional on its face" and that he wouldn't vote for it.
the very next day, he voted for it.

or the time he was in line to chair the judiciary committee and he said he wouldn't confirm any radical pro-life justices.

well, the fundamentalist christians heard that and sent him a letter. He VERY quickly backed away from that statement.

let's see how he VOTES. Actions speak a lot louder than words.

Specters been moving this way for two weeks.

Senator Specter announced his support for the Schumer plan in the Lehigh Valley two weeks ago.

HCAN PA has been having good discussions with his health care staff people as well about details of health care reform and legislation.

He still needs to hear from the public as does everyone else in our Congressional delegation.

But now, I would start your call by saying "thank you for supporting the public health insurance plan" and then add a reminder about why it is so important.

If you call at our toll free number, 1 888-436-8426, we can track them and build a case based on the thousands of calls we know Pennsylvanians are making.

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