Hey Foxwoods: We got our lease. Where's yours?


Grand Opening of the No Slots Spot
street front office
718 Market Street
Home of the No Casino in the Heart of Our City Coalition and Casino Free Philadelphia

No Slots Spot

As the casino issue heats up in Philadelphia , it only seemed fitting that the struggle locate itself where it seems most appropriate - across the street from the greedy and inept Foxwoods/PREIT project. Asian Americans United and Casino Free Philadelphia have joined up to open the street level office, which will serve as the home of the No Casino in the Heart of Our City Coalition and Casino Free.

Nine months after a "done deal" on Market East was announced, there's little to show but scaffolding. Meanwhile, yesterday, Common Cause PA announced that more than $18 million has flowed from the gambling industry and its legal entities into the pockets of local politicians. It's a serious indictment of a state that, according to Common Cause, is one of the worst offenders in the country because of the lack of campaign donation limits and the failure of politicians to fully disclose their gambling contributions.

So in recognition of that and in celebration of the No Slots Spot, Asian Americans United and the No Casino in the Heart of Our City Coalition hosts the Anti-Casino Circus, because "when it comes to bringing slots to Philly, it's not a democratic process, it's a circus." (Props to AAU artist Kathy Shimizu for the artwork and the AAU team for tomorrow's acts.) The event is kid-friendly: skits galore, acrobats, jugglers, cotton candy too! And you'll support the effort to stop slots in Philly. For more information, contact Asian Americans United: 215-925-1538.

Wish I could be there

I've missed some of the coolest casino actions lately! Have a blast.


hannah sassaman
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Special guests?

If any elected officials are reading this, I hope they will attend. This looks like it will be a great event. Power to the people, right on.

Anti Casino Circus on philly.com

After all the criticisms about philly.com, here's something philly.com captured well: a great video news re-cap of yesterday's Anti-Casino Circus:

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