How Does Your Garden Grow? Plan your vegetable garden now.

Just a quick reminder that these short winter days and long winter nights are a good time to think about planning and planting your own vegetable garden.

By growing your own, you'll save money, have less concern about chemical use and health issues, likely improve your landscape, and reduce energy consumption shipping food stuffs to you.

You'll save the most money if you start plants from seed, which means getting going in February and March, so you can plant outside in April and May.

I've been happy with Vermont based company Gardeners Supply ( for many years for supplies, equipment and advice.

As for seeds (and more advice), local company Burpee ( has been in the business for well over a century, and some friends recently introduced us to Seed Savers Exchange ( which specializes in collecting and propagating unique heirloom vegetables, herbs and plants (more than 13,000 different varieties!).

A quick google lead to these results for planning a garden, but I haven't perused them, so YMMV:

Yes, that garden-fresh, ripe, perfect summer tomato may be nearly seven months away, but you can get herbs and greens and lots of other things sooner from your garden, if you start planning now.

PS Once you get your garden planned, then you can consider canning, for when all those tomatoes ripen at once. My goat friends at Doris and Jilly Cook ( can help you there.

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