I'm working to move Pennsylvania forward

Tom Corbett doesn't want you to vote. I do.

That's what this election comes down to -- and it really is that simple.

On Thursday, Corbett -- the state's Attorney General! -- told his Republican supporters that "we want to make sure" voter turnout in the City of Philadelphia is low. "Keep that down," he said.


Because Tom Corbett knows that if you vote, he will lose. While Tom Corbett is fighting for the special interests, I'm running for Governor to get the economy back on track, protect the environment and preserve the rights of all Pennsylvanians.

I want to move Pennsylvania forward, and I'm the only candidate with experience running the state's second-largest county, balancing 7 budgets in a row without ever raising property taxes, and protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

I’m the only candidate who supports a competitive severance tax on Marcellus shale drilling. I think that the Marcellus shale presents a great opportunity to create much needed jobs in the Commonwealth-- but it can't come at the expense of Pennsylvanians’ health and safety, and certainly not at the expense of taxpayers. Tom Corbett is the #1 recipient of campaign money from the gas drillers in last decade!

Pennsylvania’s citizens also need a Governor who will protect their rights.

Tom Corbett supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. And he opposes civil unions and anti-discrimination and hate crime laws with protections for LGBT Pennsylvanians. He says he'd sign a total ban on abortion into law if he's given the chance.

Pennsylvanians can’t afford to have a Governor who won’t protect their safety or their rights.

I can guarantee that, as Governor, I will protect the environment and the safety and rights of Pennsylvanians-- and I’ll turn around our economy to help create jobs in all of our communities.


I'm voting for the candidate that believes that the unemployed want to work ... and will create jobs.

I'm voting for the candidate that supports healthcare reform ... not the one that opposes it.

I'm voting straight DEMOCRAT - and then, I'll VOTE YES on Ballot Question # 1.


You've got my vote Dan

You've got my vote Dan

My vote and my feet

Obviously, anyone who cares about rights, the environment in Pennsylvania, or the schools in Philadelphia should vote for you, Dan.

I'm knocking on a few doors to make sure Philadelphians know which candidate wants them to vote, and which one wants them to stay home.

When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.
--Abraham Lincoln


An Important Message

That Dan Onorato will work to protect and expand the rights of Pennsylvanians, and Tom Corbett won't, is a message that is both accurate and important. Tom Corbett's frequent lethargy is not the same as moderation: Dan Onorato is the true moderate in this race. I look forward towards working with Dan to tax and regulate development in the Marcellus Shale, to continue to improve funding for public education, and to bring civil unions to Pennsylvania, among significant issues of concern.

Less We Forget How We Got In This Mess, Here is a Reminder

Less we Forget:

Excerpt from PlanetWaves.Net

(Conservative public officials spend) "$1 million a year per soldier in (Iraq and now) Afghanistan makes the bonuses of Wall Street execs look like a bargain. And we're doing what? Intervening in the affairs of a foreign country? "

(The GOP Party want to privatize or reuduce) "Social Security benefits in half -- as if they're not low enough already. People went on and on about entitlements, without noting that companies such as Bank of America and General Electric pay zero corporate taxes and get plenty in corporate welfare.

Candidates pandering to this constituency are promising to eliminate the minimum wage, take away health care, give the Social Security fund to Wall Street. Women voters are leaning Republican this year. They are being manipulated by hundreds of millions of dollars worth of anonymous attack advertising, allowed by a new Supreme Court decision called Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. I don't understand this. Lots of conservatives are Christians, and Jesus said we should take care of the poor. And as for those ads, why would you conceal your identity unless you have something to hide?

On a radio show, Sal Russo, the 'chief strategist' of the Tea Party Express, a political action committee that funnels money into the campaigns of Teabag candidates. Mr. Russo got his start shining the shoes of Ronald Reagan, who looks like a bleeding heart liberal these days -- he raised taxes dozens of times, granted amnesty to illegal immigrants and did quite a bit of deficit spending. Russo rambled on for an hour about how the (Democrat-controlled) government is over-regulating business and therefore creating the recession. All we need to do is get rid of these pesky regulations and the recession will disappear, he said (about 14 times). There used to be an expression for this -- putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

Respect for individual rights, including privacy and free speech. The United States is based on keeping private things private: including our personal papers and private property. That's what the law says. In the United States, citizens are sovereigns, not subjects of the crown. A smaller, less invasive government stays out of your private life. It does not have time, resources or authority to monitor every single pregnancy. Family planning is a family matter. Then, as citizens, we mind our own business. What your neighbor does in the privacy of his or her home is none of your business, unless it directly impacts your life in some way.

Non-interventionist military policy. We need to take care of our own country before we conquer or 'help' any other country. That might translate to shorter, more efficient wars -- or no wars at all. The purpose of the military is to defend our nation, not to randomly attack other countries, or worse, to steal their resources. We have more than enough here in magnificent North America.

Speaking of education, it's money well spent. We need to invest in the future, and an effective, economical way to do that is to support education. Parents should have a diversity of options for educational philosophies available: different kinds of schools to suit different values and ideas about life. Public higher education needs to go back to majority funding by the state, remembering its primary mission, which is access to all citizens; this in turn will create a prosperous, functioning economy. We have to stop this whole business of student loans and go back to grants.

Help for those in need. The purpose of a society is to take care of all its members. Why bother otherwise? We are a nation based on abundance, and there is plenty to go around, especially if we're talking about food, shelter, clothing and health care. Many of my fellow conservatives these days say they read the Bible. Remember this part? "Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me."

Well, that wasn't even close

If it's so obvious that Dan Onorato was the right choice for the environment, why is it, do you think, that the Sierra Club and Clean Water Action passed on making an endorsement in this race? Sure, he probably would have been better for the environment than Corbett, but he's still the guy who tried to put a Chemical Industry Lobbyist on the Pittsburgh Air Quality Board. That's like putting someone from Phillip Morris as chief of the FDA.

Dan Onorato was a bad choice for Pennsylvania and he lost resoundingly because once again Democrats thought they could play to the middle and get a little bit of a vote from everyone, when the truth is every group only has one vote to give and at the end of the day candidates win when there's a group of people that feel excited about them. Dan Onorato was a nominee that no one felt better than fair to middlin' about. It's a mistake the D's make time and time again.

I cast a blank ballot in the Gov's race, and I have no regrets about it.

This Too Will Pass, for the guts in your cerebrum.

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