Scary Holloween Extra: Ryan and his Budget could Win . . . along with that Romney Guy

Bottom line to this too long essay: we’ve all got to get out and work as hard for Obama as we did in 2008. Or maybe harder because the Republicans are crazier. Here are some ways how:

1) First the Obama campaign is organizing door-to-door canvasses throughout our area. To find the ones nearest to you, go here.

2) One of the few good things about Citizens’ United is that it allows unions to collaborate with community folks to do joint work. Presto! Workers’ Voice was created and it's canvassing swing and apathetic voters in the City’s swingiest area, the great Northeast, in the final days. On Saturday the canvass will jump off at 9 AM. On Tuesday there will be three shifts, 9, 12 and 3. Each of those shifts will gather at the Sprinkle Fitters Union, 14002 McNulty Rd. You can just show up, or you can contact either of the following with questions or to let them know you’re coming:

Liz McElroy, 267-455-8191,
Nick Alpers, 215-518-8760,

3) Workers’ Voice also has a calling tool that you can use to call your Facebook friends. You can find that here.

4) Fight for Philly is also organizing weekend canvasses, in the Spring Garden area of the City. To sign up with them, click here.

Need to be convinced why re-electing Obama is so important? Well, what’s at stake is enormous. We all know about the national issues that are out there, whether it be in the area of women’s rights, immigrant rights, or social insurance programs like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. But right here at home in Philly we’re facing a federal budget “sequester”. If that comes to pass in January:

• The Foreclosure Prevention Housing Counseling Program would assist 80 fewer homeowners, potentially increasing the burden on the City’s homeless assistance system by $1.6 million.
• The City would clean and maintain 44 fewer vacant lots.
• Cuts to the Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program would result in 69 fewer women receiving cancer screenings and related services.
• The City would clean 100 fewer homes for lead, reducing services to approximately 300 lead-poisoned children.
• Cuts to the summer jobs program would result in 89 fewer summer employment opportunities for young people.
• Operating hours in six older adult centers would be reduced.

Now here’s the interesting thing. Paul Ryan, who gets elected Vice-President if Romney is elected President, has proposed a budget that would cut three times the amount required by the sequester. That’s on top of the impact it would have on social security, Medicare and education. And Ryan and his friend running for President have decided that they can win Pennsylvania and are going to be working hard to make that happen. If they win here, fuggedaboutit.

So folks, if you care about your city, if you care about everyone living in your city, you must do everything you can to bring apathetic voters to the polls for President Obama. That’s it . . . I’m off to make some calls. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll see you at the Sprinklefitters.

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