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Why Ward Leaders don't work with "Progressives"

The answer is because progressives will not work with Ward leaders. Last night the 8th Ward and Liberty City refused to endorse Bill Greenlee.
Bill Greenlee was not endorsed because he was a supporter of Marge Tartaglione (who the 8th Ward Leader, Stephanie Singer is running against) and because of “how he runs his ward”. Bill Greenlee runs his ward as he sees fit just as Stephanie Singer runs hers. For Stephanie to not endorse Bill Greenlee because of who he endorses is bare knuckle politics masquerading as good government. The Eight Ward’s failure to endorse Bill Greenlee was not based on his record or his politics but on the Eight Ward leaders’ political ambitions.
Liberty City’s failure to endorse Greenlee is even more astounding. Greenlee SPONSORED the Fair Practices Law in Philadelphia that outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation. To have Liberty City not endorse Greenlee after this makes it harder for anyone to support their agenda.

Wisconsin Public Workers

I remember in 1981 when the Air Traffic Controllers (PATCO) went on strike it was during the strikes in Poland that eventually brought down European communism. Those PATCO employees were fired by President Reagan. I still have a button that says “The right to strike-Only in Poland. The reason I raise this is we are seeing history repeat itself. While protests are breaking out all over the Middle East we are seeing an attack on our own citizens in Wisconsin. This is an assault on all working people by the far right and their funding sources in the business community. All working people should fight back in any way they can to stop this. Labor missed an opportunity in 1981. Let’s not miss another.
The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is urging people to wear red on Tuesday. It’s the least we can do.

Another view in the immigration debate

This was taken at a construction site in Rydal PA. The jobs being done here are usually performed by Americans (pouring concrete, setting rebar, building concrete molds, operating equipment). It is unscrupulous employers who benefit most by hiring illegals. It is not lawyers, social workers or teachers who suffer the most but construction workers and those who are looking for their first job.

Labor Day Parade

The annual Labor Day parade will be this Monday starting at 8:30 am from the Sheet Metal Workers hall, 1301 Columbus Boulevard.

Clean up your signs

To all candidates:

The election is now over. Please clean up your signs from the poles. It's easy all you need is a meta garden rake. I still see signs for Tom Gola for Controller on Henry Avenue. (He ran when Arlen Specter first ran for DA)

Philly Fans come through

They booed Santa Claus,J.D. Drew and Ronald McDonald. Once again Philly fans show their judgment and loudly boo Sarah Palin.

Voter Registration

I spoke with voter registration at 11:30 tonight and they had about 20,000 registrations today in Philadelphia.

Why you should support Patrick Murphy

From the Daily News

Murphy's Law: Do not root for the Giants

The U.S. House on Wednesday passed the following resolution: “Congratulating the National Football League champion New York Giants for winning Super Bowl XLII and completing one of the most remarkable postseason runs in professional sports history.”

The vote was 412-1. The one was Bucks County ’s Patrick Murphy, D-Pa.

“As a former 700-level security guard and lifelong Eagles fan, I couldn’t, in good conscience, vote for our rival Giants,” Murphy said yesterday. “The only thing worse would have been congratulating the Dallas Cowboys.”

A man, alone, standing up for what’s right.

Labor Day Parade

Union members will begin to gather at the Sheet Metal Workers Hall on Columbus Blvd. and Washington Ave. at 8 a.m. Pat Eiding, president of the Philadelphia AFL-CIO, will kick off the speaking program at 9 a.m.

This year, we’ll be joined by Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Bill George and National AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. On Labor Day, President Sweeney will kick off the AFL-CIO's campaign for health care for all.

So, whether you come to march or simply watch the parade, come out Monday to celebrate our union movement.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 19
1301 S. Columbus Blvd.
Monday, Sept. 3
Gather: 8 a.m.
Program: 9 a.m
Parade: 10 a.m.

Penn's Landing Great Plaza
Market St. and Columbus Blvd.
Monday, Sept. 3
11 a.m.--3 p.m.

Call 215-665-9800 or go to

Silence is deafening on Satullo article

On Sunday Chris Satullo wrote an article on the unintended consequences of the campaign finance law. The lack of reaction on this site is deafening. As Jim Kenney warned this is what would happen. The hardest thing to know is the law of unintended consequences.

The article in essence says:
"The real story seems to be that one spendaholic millionaire with minimal public-service credentials can buy himself City Hall with an avalanche of TV ads. Here's the killer for the goo-goos: The other candidates, all serious men of fine résumé, claim they can't fight back because our stupid campaign rules hamstring them.

Say it ain't so, Zack."

As Satullo says to those who worken with Knox "Man up" Tell what you know and don't let this guy buy the election.

Any second thoughts on Jim Kenney's bill?

Breaking News in the 8th Councilmanic District

The Supreme Court vacated the Commonwealth Court's order and placed Greg Paulmier back on the ballot. The 8th District, as always, should be interesting. There should be some fallout over who Paulmier supports in his Ward for At Large and the row offices. The endorsement has already gone to Miller. With so many candidates it seems Miller has gotten stronger.

I put this on the front page because it's pretty crazy news. -Ray


The latest challenge information is Greg Paulmier and Jesse Brown are out, Carol Campbell and Curtis Jones, in the 4th are in. The challenge against Dan Savage was withdrawn

Iraq Question

This is all second hand so do not quote me.

The May ballot will contain a question on the Iraq War. the voters will be able to express their position on this war. The vote was 3-2 to put this on the ballot. The three votes were Campbell, Greenlee and Savage. These were the three so-called "Party bosses" that were elected in the special election.

Apparently the most heartfelt endorsement of this initiative came from Dan Savage, whose Uncle and namesake, was killed in Viet Nam. He said if his Grandmother was still alive she would be against this war.

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