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Must read City Paper article on the Philadelphia Democratic Progressive Caucus

Many thanks to Holly Otterbein for this week’s City Paper article on the Philadelphia Democratic Progressive Caucus (PDPC) at: http://www.citypaper.net/news/2011-06-09-democratic-progressive-caucus-p...

The Inquirer and DN have generally ignored the internal workings of Democratic Party—a real problem given this is a one Party town and it’s difficult for candidates (especially in low profile or judicial races) to be elected without some Party support

Municipal elections tend to get progressives focused on reforming the local Democratic Party. The last municipal elections cycle there was some talk of changing the Philadelphia Democratic Party, but after the election, it petered out.

Endorsements for Philadelphia NOW and Americans for Democratic Action

Philadelphia NOW Endorses:


Jeff Hornstein


Maria Quinones-Sanchez


Cindy Bass


Sherrie Cohen
Bill Greenlee
Blondell Reynolds-Brown
Andy Toy


Stephanie Singer, City Commissioner


Kathy Boockvar, Commonwealth
Diane Anhalt, Common Pleas
Barbara McDermott, Common Pleas

Next the Americans for Demoicratic Action Endorsements::

Commonwealth Court

#102 Kathryn Boockvar

Philadelphia Common Pleas Court

#105 Diana Anhalt,

#111 Christopher Mallios, Jr.,

# 112 Barbara McDermott,

#123 Drew Aldinger

#138 Sayde Ladov


#164 Michael Nutter

City Commissioner

#169 Stephanie Singer

Why the City Commissioners’ Race Matters to Progressives

Much of our collective energy has been focused on City Council races. But over the long haul, change in the City Commissioners’ race might mean far more, and with Stephanie Singer we have the opportunity to elect someone who will ensure that our elections are conducted competently, fairly and impartially.

Building a progressive movement depends on a fair, transparent process. When corrupt politicians control the election machinery, there is no level political playing field. Last December, the Inquirer reported that

List of Candidates confirmed for May 4 Forum for candidates for City Commissioner, Sheriff,and Register of Wills

May 4 Forum for candidates for City Commissioner, Sheriff,and Register of Wills , May 4 • 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Parkway Central Library - Free Library of Philadelphia

Candidates Confirmed:

Candidates for City Commissioner

Michael Edward Bell (D)

Marie Delany (R)

Stephanie Singer (D)

Ivy Staten (D)

Bernard B. Talmadge (D)

Candidates for Sheriff

Cheri Honkala (G)

John Kromer (D)

Jacque Whaumbush (D)

Candidate for Register of Wills

Linda Wolfe-Bateman (R)

Sponsors of this event so far include: Americans for Democratic Action, Coalition of Labor Union Women, Neighborhood Networks, Philadelphia NOW, Philly for Change, and Philadelphia Democratic Progressive Caucus.

Ben Waxman will be the moderator of the forum. RSVP at:

May 4 forum for candidates for row offices at the Free Library from 6:30-8:30

Please see attached flyer for the May 4 forum for candidates for row offices at the Free Library from 6:30-8:30. The forum will be moderated by Ben Waxman.

Although much attention has been paid to the council races, very little has been paid to the contests for City Commissioner and Sheriff. Come to the forum and find out why these races matter!

Please sign up at our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=164290546958152 if you plan to attend.

Also, check the facebook page in a few days for a list of confirmed attendees.

Anybody know where I can find complete list of ballot positions--including judicial races?

Anybody know where I can find complete list of ballot positions--including judicial races?

Why the Philadelphia Democratic Party needs a Progressive Caucus

A group of progressive Democrats, many of us committeepersons, came together last summer in response to the Democratic Party’s failure to seat a duly elected Democratic committee person, Tracey Gordon. See the YYP post discussing this at:

The comments on this post cite the court cases which support the rights of duly elected committeepeople and include a link to the 1966 PA Supreme Ct. case which ruled that the Democratic Party cannot ignore the will of the voters.

In response to this incident, a group of progressive Democrats with affiliations to a wide range of community and civic organizations formed a Philadelphia Democratic Progressive Caucus.

The Union’s Leagues election of its first female president: here’s the back story

I realize that readers of YPP will have a hard time thinking of Lynn Abraham as a feminist trailblazer, but that's how she was seen in the early 70’s.
November 14, 1973: Philadelphia NOW President Jan Welch presenting Barefoot and Pregnant Award for Sexism To the Union League and honoring Philadelphia women, Judge Merna Marshall and Attorney Lynn Abraham, for their courage in standing up to sexism in public life.

You may have read the recent story about the Union’s Leagues election of its first female president. Here’s the back story. The following is cross-posted from The Next Stage.com/

Feminists must remember our founding members and that includes the not-so-famous ones

Most of the published material documenting the history of second wave feminism focuses on a few major urban centers—e.g., New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The national narratives tend to rely on the same sources and recycle the same anecdotes. Until regional and local histories are incorporated into the national narrative, a comprehensive history of the feminist movement cannot be written. Sadly, much archival material about second wave feminism is gathering dust in the closets and basements of feminists now in their late sixties, seventies and eighties.

I’m determined to make my small contribution to make sure this story is not forgotten and to encourage others around the country to do likewise.

Working Within the Democratic Party? Is it worth it?

Cross-posted from http://www.the-next-stage.com/

Working Within the Democratic Party? Is it worth it? That’s what I’ve been asking myself for the past 30 years. When I was in my 20’s, that was the last thing I wanted to do. Like so many “radicals” (were we really all that radical?) I disdained working within the Democratic Party. I saw D’s and R’s as virtually indistinguishable and didn't see the point of choosing between tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee.

Despite this, I did vote--for protest candidates. My first presidential vote was cast for Dick Gregory, Peace and Freedom Party. People like me were responsible for Richard Nixon’s victory—although since Hubert Humphrey won PA, at least I wasn’t directly responsible.

The Philadelphia Democratic Party is worse than I realized

I haven’t posted on YPP for a while because I’ve been doing a blog about Women and Retirement at http://www.the-next-stage.com/

However, I find my self increasingly writing about politics rather than focusing on retirement issues. It’s become clear to me that one of the main reasons I retired was to be able to devote more time to my activist projects. My job was getting in the way of my volunteer work. However I just wrote a post which belongs more on YPP than on my blog (or any other blog that I know of), so I’m cross-posting here:

Philadelphia NOW Endorsements for 2010 Primary election


Joe Hoeffel

Lt. Governor
Jonathan Saidel

US Senate
Joe Sestak

State Senator
Leanna Washington (4th)

State Representative
Pam DeLissio (194th)
Mark Cohen (202nd)
Anthony Ingargiola (195th)
Babette Josephs (182nd)
Vanessa Lowery Brown (190th)
Mike O'Brien (175th)
Cherelle Parker (200th)
Curtis Thomas (181st)

State Committee
Karen Bojar (4th)

Our Spring newsletter with endorsees is available on our site, or you can print this post. Please distribute widely!! Help our pro-choice, feminist candidates by sending this link to friends and family!

If you can volunteer on Election Day, distribute NOW's ballot at your polling place, or contact:

Joe Hoeffel for Governor
1420 Walnut St, Ste 1300

Phone: (215) 302-2010
Email: philadelphia@joehoeffel2010.com
Visit: http://joehoeffel2010.com/crmapi/! volunteer

Joe Sestak for U.S. Senate
2013 Sansom St

Phone: (215) 352-6213
Email: info@joesestak.com

Rendell appoints only ONE woman to 13 member Commission to monitor PA implementation of stimulus program

On April 3, the Friday Pittsburgh Business Times published an article on Stimulus Oversight Commission appointed by Rendell to monitor the state’s implementation of the Recovery Act. Only one woman, Jennifer Mann, was appointed to the 13 member Commission!

Pennsylvania NOW has written a letter to Gov. Rendell urging him to reconsider this. If you agree with us, let the governor know.

The Commission members are:

Ronald J. Naples - Chief Accountability Officer Chairman of Governor’s Working Group for Stimulus Accountability; former CEO of Quaker Chemical Corp.; former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

James Creedon - Chief Implementation Officer; Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of General Services; former senior vice president for business development, North America, with United Water

Is the number of branch libraries in Philly significantly out of line with cities of comparable size?

Our citizens are not buying the argument that because Philadelphia has more libraries per resident than cities of comparable size we should downsize and bring our city in line with "the norm." Instead, we're proud of the fact that we are leading in providing branch libraries for our residents.

Also, when we learned that most of these other cities had libraries in all their elementary schools, the argument was further weakened.

But to what extent is the argument true? Yes, Philadephia does have more libraries per resident than most cities of comparable size, but the difference is not that great. My husband did some research and I think the results are worth sharing. I’ve done this as attachment to keep tables in alignment.

9th Ward Democratic Committee Fundraiser, Saturday Evening, October 18th

9th Ward Democratic Committee
“All Politics is Local”
Last Chance for Change Fundraiser

Please join us for a Get out the Vote fundraiser for Chestnut Hill/ Mount Airy’s 9th ward democratic committee.

Elections are won neighborhood by neighborhood, and it is more important than ever this year for communities to be engaged.

Philadelphia's 9th ward has always delivered substantial votes for Democratic candidates, and this year should be no different. Resources are critically needed Right Now to prepare mailings and Election Day materials.

On Saturday Evening, October 18th, Philadelphia's 9th ward will host an event to raise the funds to help ensure that Senator Barack Obama and the entire Democratic slate win.

Please join our Congressional Host Committee

Representative Robert Brady Representative Chaka Fattah
Representative Patrick Murphy
Representative Allyson Schwartz

Is the local Democratic Party behind Obama??

Yesterday I had a conversation with a progressive Democratic committeeperson who lives in the Northeast. He told me that a lot of the Democratic Party operatives in the Northeast are not behind Obama and do not plan to work to get out the vote for him in November. They will instead focus on state house races and ignore the top of the ticket.

The alleged reasons: complaints about street money and unwillingness to back an African-American candidate. To what extent is this true? Is party chair Bob Brady (or Mayor Nutter or Gov. Rendell) doing anything about this?

The polls in PA indicate a tight race and an Obama victory hinges on a high turn-out in Phila. So how much of a problem do we have?

I’ve been concentrating on registering CCP students and on the Northwest. Although the Northwest is Obama country, and turn-out is generally high, it certainly could be higher.

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