I'm with Jim Wansacz: cancel the Convention Center

While the workers who will get jobs at the new convention center stand to benefit, even more workers would benefit if North Broad ever came back from the dead. You can absolutely guarantee that nothing will happen with North Broad if that Convention Center blocks everything.

Otherwise, the Convention Center is only good for the bankers getting fees off the financing.

Here's what Rep. Jim Wansacz has to say about it in the Inqy this morning:

A Pennsylvania lawmaker plans to introduce legislation as early as Monday to strip Philadelphia of up to $64 million annually in economic development funds for failing to have its two casinos up and running.


"The two casinos and Mayor Nutter have to reach agreements and have permits in place and have these casinos built and up and operational," said the bill's sponsor, Rep. Jim Wansacz, a Northeastern Pa. Democrat and member of the House Gaming Oversight Committee. "If no progress is made, then the rest of the state could use that $64 million to create jobs and stimulate the economy."

Jim! I'm with you! Block it! Stop it! We'd be better off with an empty patch of grass there than we would with a Convention Center! Cut the money off. You've got my full support! Kill the project, go back to the drawing board and let North Broad figure itself out, which it started to do, on its own, before this foolish convention center game began.

Count me in too

As I mentioned here, Wansacz's trade-off isn't that bad if you consider the costs Philly potentially bears from casinos. In addition, the trade-off is they take us out of the Gaming Act which gives us flexibility around the wage tax (though the 3% drop in revenue should allow us that flexibility anyway).

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