VOTE for Wage and Benefits Ballot Question

VOTE November 2nd for the Wage and Benefits Ballot Question.

Should City Council be allowed to establish a local minimum wage and benefits standard?


This is great

This would be great. I had no idea the City had the authority to do this. Won't it still need permission from the state legislature, as it did with the sales tax increase?

State approval not required

State approval is not required because the wage and benefits standard applies to City government (City), City agencies, City financial aid recipients , and City contractors that have annual gross receipts of more than $1 million.


Ah, I see. So the majority

Ah, I see. So the majority of employers in the City would not be affected. Still, it's a step in the right direction. Thanks for clarifying Councilman.

We shouldn't subsidize companies that pay poverty wages.

With the poverty rate rising locally and nationally,we must do whatever we can to help the working poor.

We shouldn't subsidize any person or entity that pays poverty wages with taxpayer dollars without setting our own wage standard.


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