Elections Matter; Support Honkala, Boockvar, Schmidt

This is the email that Neighborhood Networks sent to all of its members earlier today:

You might not know it from the (lack of) media coverage, but there’s an important election coming on Tuesday, November 8. Up for election will be the Mayor, the entire City Council, the City Commissioner’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office, the Register of Wills Office, and many judicial offices. There will also be two ballot questions that are being considered.

Neighborhood Networks does not endorse in all of these races. We exist to advance progressive policies, through electoral means and otherwise. We only endorse candidates when their election would clearly advance our larger goals. In this election there are six candidates in contested races that meet that test. They are, Kathryn Boockvar, for Commonwealth Court, Stephanie Singer, for City Commissioner, Al Schmidt for City Commissioner, Cheri Honkala for Sheriff, Blondell Reynolds Brown for Council at-Large and Cindy Bass for City Council in the 8th District.

Only three of these candidates are in difficult races, Boockvar, Schmidt and Honkala. Please do everything you can to help their very important candidacies. Let’s look at them one by one.

Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks Endorses Cheri Honkala for Sheriff

From the campaign website of Philadelphia's first female candidate for Sheriff, Cheri Honkala of the Green Party:

Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks today endorsed Green party candidate Cheri Honkala for Sheriff of Philadelphia. Neighborhood Networks is a grassroots organization that works to push for progressive candidates and policies in Philadelphia. We at the Cheri for Sheriff headquarters are ecstatic about this endorsement.

From NN website:

Cheri Honkala is the one candidate on the ballot in November who reminds City voters that it’s Wall Street and the banking industry that has brought our City down, not “greedy” government workers or any other right wing whipping boy. By treating home mortgages like gambling chips, the financial sector has collapsed the national economy, destroyed the retirement funds of individuals, cities and states alike, and created the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. Millions of jobs disappeared, and millions of families lost their homes. Millions more remain at risk of losing theirs as well. As Sheriff, Cheri plans to ride to the rescue.

Cheri’s main campaign pledge is that she will refuse to evict any family from their home due to the complicity of the judicial branch in foreclosing on their mortgage or terminating their lease. At a time like this we don’t need more families in the street. We need more programs to enable workers to find jobs, and to get them over the hump until they do. By refusing to evict, Cheri will force the system to come to grips with the real causes and cures for the crisis. Cheri, and Neighborhood Networks, recognize that the legal system will fight back against her plan. And perhaps they will succeed. But the fight itself will raise the issue of who is really to blame and where the route out truly lies. And that is how real progress begins.

Mary Bricker-Jenkins and Neighborhood Networks urge support for Cheri Honkala for Sheriff

Two recent updates to Cheri Honkala's website show exciting signs of support for a campaign based on the promise to keep people in their homes and help give communities control over their land.

The first is from Mary Bricker-Jenkins, a social worker, author, and professor emeritus at Temple urging her fellow social workers to support Cheri in any way they can. She wrote, in part,

You came into social work because you wanted change.

You learned quickly that we need fundamental, systemic change.

The “change we could believe in” hasn’t delivered.

So let’s listen to Ghandi:

We need to BE the change we wish to see in the world. . .

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