PA General Assembly, on guns: act now. save lives.

Lance Haver, in the Daily News, speaking about the shooting of his son, Daren Dieter:

My son is lying in a hospital bed unable to move. He cannot move and cannot breathe, and it's because he was shot with an illegal handgun…by someone he didn't know because our elected officials refused to stand up to the NRA.

Email your state rep/senator: demand one handgun a mo. rule and require owners to report lost/stolen guns.

CNN on Fumo and Guns

Absolutely correct. We need sensible handgun legislation to help us track stolen guns and put an end to straw purchasing.

Another thing that we need to do is modify the Uniform Firearms Act so that Philadelphia has the power to write its own stricter gun laws and to pursue legal action against firearms and ammunition manufacturers.

Below is a CNN article which identifies Senator Fumo as the legislator responsible for pushing through the Uniform Firearms Act. With friends like these . . .

Disclaimer: I am proud to say that I am working for Anne Dicker's campaign to unseat Senator Fumo. For more information

It is easy to blame Senator

It is easy to blame Senator Fumo, but then again you outed yourself for supporting Anne Dicker.

There are 50 state senators and over 200 St. Rep's and the Gov. Meanwhile we have a Gov from Philadelphia, a Democratic majority in the house, and we can't get the legislation about firearms moving.

Lance Have is a gentleman and a person that I look up to and can only hope to model myself after.It was a heart break to see then senseless act of violence against his son Darren..

Hopefully this sends the message to people that the violence can come in your neighborhood and affect you as well.

Good laws and measures begin with each one of us working together to achieve the common goal.

please don't pollute this thread

there are gonna be plenty of chances to talk about fumo v.dicker. my point in writing this post was to remind all of us that gun violence is a continuing issue for our city and that we need to make sure every elected official in philadelphia is working to address it.

Poor taste

I've been reading YPP for some time and never felt compelled to create my own account until I read Mr. Olaechea's post. I am sickened by this attempt to exploit the suffering of the Haver family for political points. Have you no decency, sir?

Since it is obvious that you are working on behalf on Ms. Dicker, I must say that she is quite a dissapointment. I am deeply concered that this post shows that you are either naive and foolish or cold and calculating. Either way, I do not think this is conduct that a State Senate candidate or campaign should be engaged in. I have no love for Fumo, but your early gutteral attacks have tarnished your own campaign before we ever got to know you. This is sad.

You should apologize to the Havers. And if you were blogging without the consent of Ms. Dicker, you should apologize to your candidate and resign as her campaign manager immediately.

i will say this one more time

do not pollute my thread. if one more person mentions Dicker or Fumo, pro or con, their comment will be deleted.

Bunch o' bunk

Lance Haver's despair is understandable but his comment, blaming the NRA (and by inference me, since I am a member) must be denounced. Blaming everyone but the criminal who shot his son only serves to absolve the criminal. Placing blame on me tells me that he (and those who stand with him) believe I (as a gun owner claiming and defending my rights) am a greater threat to society than the criminal.

I must resist that; I will not accept the blame nor will I accept the illogical premise that the actions of everyone must be legislatively restricted with the acts of criminal sociopaths as a benchmark for establishing such law. -- Because someone MIGHT shoot someone NOBODY should have a gun. Such a premise, besides being unconstitutional, is hardly civilized or progressive.

For those advocating "giving" Philly the power to dictate the scope and extent of rights, does that include any other rights which you think just Philly "residents" are incapable of exercising responsibly? I realize one can not be so obvious as to state, "we don't want the blacks to have guns" but one can certainly safely lobby for geographically discriminatory rights injuring laws (see Washington DC, circa early 70's).

I don't understand why shredding the PA Constitution is necessary to address the criminal misuse of firearms.

And I must add; what a disingenuous, slanted "news" piece from CNN, not that I would expect anything else.


I do not see anything unreasonable about reporting lost or stolen firearms to the local police. It really makes sense. Like, if your car was stolen. Or, your house was robbed.

I own a firearm. If it were stolen, I would immediately file a police report anyway. I see this as simply being a responsible gun owner.

Similarly, I don't really have a problem with one handgun a month.

But, we all must realize too, the people to blame for gun crimes are the people who commit them. Crime is a choice. The guy robbing Dunkin Donuts was not Jean Vel-Jean robbing the place for bread to feed his family. He was robbing it for money. The guy who committed the driveby at 15th and Sansom is a criminal. They chose to kill.

I am working to elect Larry Farnese to the General Assembly. Unless otherwise expressly stated, this and every comment or blog I post on YPP and any action I take hereon is solely attributable to me and not Farnese or Friends of Farnese

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