The New Normal? EPA May Send Water to PA Town Whose Wells Were Tainted by Frackers

Happy 2012! Once again, easy-to-predict environmental catastrophe is made real in the Pennsylvania of Governor Tom Corbett, as residents of Susquehanna County's Dimock Township, up near the state's northeast corner, have been informed that the EPA is hiring a private contractor to bring potable water to their homes.

Why are our precious tax dollars being spent to deliver takeout water?

Because Cabot Oil & Gas Corp., the area's local fracker (of Houston, TX) apparently fouled the town's aquifer, of course!

And how are Gov. Corbett's local authorities protecting the Pennsylvanians of Dimock from these carpetbagging Texas criminals?

By granting the frackers permission to STOP delivering water to the people whose wells they fouled:

Cabot won permission from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to stop daily deliveries of bulk and bottled water on Nov. 30. Since then, anti-drilling groups have been paying to have water delivered to about a dozen households. But the deliveries are sporadic and, with winter setting in, residents say they can't continue indefinitely.

Welcome to the new normal.

So, albeit belatedly, in step the feds.

For your Congressional scorecard, Dimock is home to recently ousted Democratic Congressman Chris Carney, and also borders the district of the state's most vulnerable new Republican Congressman, infamous bigot Lou Barletta. Post-gerrymandering, Carney likely will run for either his old seat or Barletta’s. A Blue Dog, perhaps Carney will learn from this experience the fallibility of leaving to the market all decisions related to people's health and the environment.

Just in case we've forgotten, this type of thing usually heralds a political change. When evil is revealed in a democracy, the healthy thing to happen is for 1) the party out of power to use the fact of the evil to help defeat incumbents, so 2) the newly elected can commence remedying the evil.

In places scarred by Tea Party victories two years ago, 2012 needs to be a year of change.

Woe to Democrats if we/they fail to stand up for the people of PA and vanquish Republicans for this unacceptable evil.

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