Mike Fitzpatrick

Whatever happened to the power of positive thinking?

All my life I was disgusted with and at times fought positive hype, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, and Third Parties claiming they are going to win instead of getting clout and permanent ballot access to win in future elections. Now suddenly I feel more positive than many around me and see hope at this point of being a positive catalyst for change.

Two months ago there was dread, not hope, that the poor wouldn’t vote or wouldn’t be allowed to, or be swayed to vote against their interests by shady campaign ads, and fear that blacks, Hispanics and young people in general would stay home, The hate movie of Prophet Mohammed as a porn star was feared to lead to massive tit for tat revenge killings, But Ambassador Chris Stevens’ relatives and the relatives of the other Americans killed in Benghazi emphatically spoke out against using their loved one’s deaths to spread hate, Ironically and sadly Buddhists and Muslims in far off Burma engaged in tit for tat revenge killings.

Suddenly, elsewhere, there was a massive realization that those who hysterically warn of danger are often the one’s who are actually baiting it, as those US politicians warning of a Muslim danger lost in the November election.

Also losing were two right-wing Miami Cubans. Orthodox Jews used to be in the habit of voting Republican, so much for the 5th column accusations. Those who thought gay marriage and pot would destroy the nation once voted without fail in every pertinent election. The Republican base didn’t pull through, or is in taters.

Counsel for a Liveable World candidates won most of their races. Kathy Boockvar didn’t qualify for their endorsement, but progressive Eastern Pennsylvania was heart broken. However Mike Fitzpatrick campaigned under the theme he, not Kathy, would end Obama’s wars. Let’s make him prove it.

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