This will be a GREAT discussion about OPEN PRIMARIES AND BALLOT ACCESS. Independents, Greens's, Libertarians, and even Democrats and Republicans are tired of voting for the same old two party corrupt-corporate system...AND WHO CAN BLAME THEM! This discussion will be led by Jennifer Bullock of Independent Pennsylvanians. Below is the contact information. Hope you all can come and have a wonderful discussion and dinner. P.S. It is unlimited food for only $25 dollars!


Hugh Giordano, Union Organizer, Green Party City Committee Member - True Progressive.

Title: Green Night Out

Date: Saturday, October 1
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Singapore Vegetarian Kosher Chinese Restaurant,
Street: 1006 Race Street, Chinatown
City State Zip: Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 215-243-7103 and
Notes: Green Night Out returns with speaker Jenn Bullock from PA Independents, You will not want to miss this discussion about independent voters, open primaries and ballot access.When is the last time you saw an independent candidate on the ballot? Let’s discuss why.

Independent Pennsylvanians is an association of voters that supports issues and campaigns at the local, state and national level designed to increase the visibility and power of the independent voter.

Green Night Out is open to the public. Enjoy an endless supply of vegetarian, kosher Chinese food, an exceptional bargain for only $25/person.

Please RSVP. Seating is limited. For more information, contact (215) 243-7103 and

Support the UNITE HERE! Workers of Hyatt Regency in their Contract Negotiations.

Support the UNITE HERE! Workers of Hyatt Regency Philadelphia Penn's Landing in their Contract Negotiations!

The major industry in Philadelphia is the Service Industry. Hospitality and Tourism account for most of the money that comes into our city every year, and the workers in this sector deserve their fair share. The people in this industry work hard and take pride in giving our beloved Philadelphia a friendly and comfortable face to the visitors they serve and that we all depend on. These jobs are hard, especially in Hotel Housekeeping where studies show that worker's injuries are on par with Steel Workers.

Taxi Driver Update: Video by Philly IMC

Image from the website.

Public Authorities continue to be one of the best means for taking control out of the hands of voters and putting it in the hands of bureaucrats two or three or four steps removed from anyone elected. I've written about the Taxi Drivers in this space several times now, but now Philly Independent Media Center has a great new video coming out a week or so in advance of a two day taxi strike.

Check the video out here.

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