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Assuming Phila. retains its right to craft its own campaign finance laws, something must be done regarding reporting requirements for 527’s. These are the so-called issue oriented PAC’s which are not subject to contribution limits and which can raise unlimited amounts of money as long as they are not coordinated with a campaign.

Voters should know who is behind these ads BEFORE they cast their votes. The voters just learned about the identity of the donors to One Step Closer on June 15 from Inquirer:

A group that ran ads attacking Michael Nutter before the Philadelphia mayoral primary finally revealed its donors yesterday - and it turns out that much of its money came from labor unions and givers with ties to Mayor Street.
The group, called One Step Closer, paid for toughly worded ads critical of Nutter's support for a police stop-and-frisk program. Nutter, who often was at odds with Street while on City Council, won the Democratic nomination.

Josh Shapiro on campaign finance reform at ADA annual meeting

Josh Shapiro spoke on campaign finance reform (and other issues) at ADA annual meeting. He made a good case that a reform agenda (transparency in gov’t, campaign finance reform) is essential to advancing an economic justice agenda—necessary but not sufficient.

Shapiro appeared optimistic that the state legislature would pass the bill sponsored by Dwight Evans to give Phila authority to craft its own campaign finance laws. He stressed the importance of getting campaign finance reform on the state level, and noted that right now it would be perfectly legal for a candidate for the state legislature to accept a million dollar check.

Shapiro wants to work towards creating uniformity in campaign finance laws on the federal, state and local level. He argued that the focus should be on rolling reporting (that is, as soon as a contribution is received it is reported) as well as on contribution limits.

May 31: Americans for Democratic Action Discussion on Legislative Reform in Pennsylvania with State Representative Josh Shapiro

Americans for Democratic Action

Invites You

To a Discussion on

Legislative Reform in Pennsylvania—an Oxymoron?


State Representative Josh Shapiro

153rd Legislative District in Montgomery County

Thursday, May 31st 7:30 pm

The Ethical Society Building

1906 Rittenhouse Square


Representative Shapiro was the catalyst for making Denis O’Brien Speaker ofthe House and preserving Democratic control of committee chairmanships.

There is no charge for this event, however, donations will be solicited.

We can always take back police powers, but we can't raise the dead.

There has been some discussion on the 9th ward list about the recent DN cartoon. (I can understand why Fattah supporters were upset.)

The 9th ward has coalesced around Nutter; Fattah’s support has melted way. However, there is at least one committee person who does support Fattah and who wrote to the 9th ward list expressing her concern about the cartoon.

The responses of the Committeepeople are I think reflective of how many progressives are responding to this issue. Many of the Nutter supporters on 9th ward committee (I count myself among them) are concerned about the potential problems in implementation of stop and frisk. However, these tactics are legal, have passed constitutional muster and have been effective in getting guns off the streets in other cities.

Michael Nutter and the Police Advisory Commission from Robert S. Nix, Chair, Philadelphia Police Advisory Commission

Referring to your post on YPP about the Philadelphia Police Advisory Commission, you are correct about Michael Nutter and his strong support for the Commission. It was a very tough fight from the beginning, and Michael was instrumental in getting the Commission created over Mayor Rendell's opposition. Pushed by the FOP, Mayor Rendell vetoed the original legislation which would have created a powerful civilian oversight mechanism. When Nutter mustered the votes to override the veto, Rendell negotiated a compromise, which ultimately created, by Executive Order, a less powerful Commission.

Michael Nutter got the 9th ward endorsement tonight by a wide margin

Michael Nutter got the 9th ward endorsement tonight by a wide margin. This is a very high turnout ward, so this endorsement matters.

Support for the other candidates melted away. There were committeepeople who had thought Nutter was best candidate but were afraid he could not win. They’ve change their minds and now see him as a winner.

I care about poverty, which is why I am supporting Michael Nutter.

Fattah supporters have argued that if you care about poverty you must support Fattah.

According to Stan,

"Chaka Fattah stands head and shoulders above the rest. All the others, in my view, should be unacceptable to any voter whose priority concern is social justice."

I am sure Fattah is genuinely concerned about poverty, but I take issue with the contention that Fattah should have a lock on the votes of those who share this concern.

There are limits as to what municipalities can do. There is not a whole lot of discretionary money in the local budget and much of the money used to directly combat poverty (TANF, foodstamps etc.) comes from the Federal Gov’t, which alone has the resources to eliminate poverty.

Michael Nutter at the Vote for Homes mayoral forum

Michael Nutter at the Vote for Homes mayoral forum

The following report on the Vote4Homes mayoral forum was sent to me from a friend who has a long history as a fighter for social justice as an activist, as a policy analyst,and as a human services worker. She went to the forum leaning Fattah and came away leaning Nutter.

Vote4Homes – a coalition of over 50 organizations serving the poor and homeless - held a Mayoral Candidates Forum on Thursday night at the Arch Street United Methodist Church, at Broad Arch.

Inspiring speeches from Sister Mary Scullion (Project H.O.M.E.), Church Pastor, Reverend Robin M. Hynicka, and Leeroy Jordan, of Ready, Willing & Able were met with cheers and applause.

The coalition has registered over 1,000 new voters, and they’re making sure that people experiencing homelessness, parolees, and probationers know their rights as voters. Their question: Will the next Mayor work to end homelessness and poverty?

Fattah misses Iraq vote

Fattah misses Iraq vote.

Ruby Legs at Phillyville has alerted us to a crucial Iraq vote which Fattah missed.

There may be some explanation for Fattah's failure to make this important vote, and if so, I am sure Ray will provide us with an explanation.

See Ruby Legs' complete coverage on April 20 and his update on April 23. Sandwiched in between is his hilarious take on the debate.

Some lessons from 1999 campaign and why Michael Nutter can win

A few days ago there was a discussion about the strategic voting which occurred in the 1999 mayor’s race. To quote Sam:

“White ran a fairly close 3d in 1999, so most of his supporters did not abandon him, (Street 35.81%, Weinberg 31.08%, White 21.60%). The same cannot be said for Happy's or Dwight's (6.3% and 4.63%, respectively). Most of their people really did go over to Street.
My own two cents: John White's campaign is most similar to Michael's, and his people never abandoned.”

Clout said that White lost about 5 % of his vote:

“On the last weekend of the campaign Katz intervened in the Democratic primary by running an anti-White TV ad while Street made a strong appeal that a vote for White was a vote for Weinberg. This 1-2 punch knocked about 5 points off White's support.”

Philadelphia NOW Celebrates Local Women Leaders on April 20

Please join Philadelphia NOW's Celebration of Local Women Leaders

Where: Philadelphia Ethical Society, 1906 Rittenhouse Square
When: Friday, April 20 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Please join us to honor our members running for City Council in the May 2007 primary:

Cindy Bass
Maria Quinones Sanchez

Vern Anastasio
Scott Bass
Councilwoman Reynolds Brown
Kathy Black
Karen Bojar
Linda Carpenter
Ellen Greene Ceisler
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Coalition of 100 Black Women, PA Chapter
Sherrie Cohen
Paul Dannenfelser, AFSCME Local 1723
Congressman Chaka Fattah
Tammy Gavitt
Terry Gillen
Gloria Gilman
Terry Graboyes
Councilman Bill Greenlee
Jean Haskell
Debra Jensen
State Representative Babette Josephs
Michael Nutter
Angeles Roca
Maria Quinones Sanchez
Alan Sandals
Cathy Scott, AFSCME Local 2187
Marc Stier
Letty Thall
Andy Toy
Townsend Freimiller Associates
Julie Welker
Judy and Ken Weinstein
YWCA Philadelphia

Americans for Democratic Action Endorses Michael Nutter for Mayor

Americans for Democratic Action Endorses Michael Nutter for Mayor

From ADA press release:

The Board of Directors of the Southeastern Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), last night overwhelmingly endorsed Michael Nutter for Mayor. Citing Nutter's long record of commitment to progressive values and his 15-year history of leadership in enacting progressive legislation as a City Council member, ADA Chairperson, Jean Haskell described Nutter as "a candidate who has stood squarely for reform in the tradition of ADA's early leaders in municipal reform 50 years ago."

According to Haskell, Nutter's strong assets, in addition to his record in City Council, include his ability to see the big picture, to think beyond the narrow confines of “how we’ve always done it,” and his growing popularity with likely Democratic voters.

You are invited to a reception in support of Marc Stier

You are invited to a reception in support of Marc Stier

Democrat for City Council at Large

Where: 369 East Gowen , Phila. 19119

When: Sunday April 15, 3pm-5-pm

Suggested Contribution:
Supporter 100.00
Friend: 50.00
Young Activist: 15.00

Please join us to hear Marc's vision for our city.

Host committee:

David and Debbie Bell
Arlene Bennett
Karen Bojar
Barbara Anderson
Robert Barrimond
Allan and Katy Dawley
Betty Gottlieb
Diane Gottlieb
John Hogan
Melisssa Orner
Jim Steiker and Wendy Epstein
Loretta Witt

When did the city start paying the minimum allowable by law into the pension fund?

Do any of you municipal finance experts on this blog know at what point the city started paying the minimum allowable by law into the pension fund?

Councilman Kenney in a YPP post stated that at some point the city decided to pay the minimum into the pension fund allowed by the (state?) law governing pension funds. Kenney did not indicate at what point the city started paying the minimum into the fund.

I tried to get an answer from him both on YPP blog and at a ward meeting this week, but was not successful.

I just spoke to a friend who has been a city employee for 18 years. She says this has been going on for a long time and started when the city borrowed money from the pension fund to deal with the financial crisis in the last years of the Goode administration.

9th ward

A group of Penn students came to tonight's 9th ward meeting to observe how the ward operates as part of a class project on the ward system.

I think this is a good indicator of how open the 9th ward is. And it is a tradition that predates John. I’ve been a committee person for over 2o years and all of our ward leaders have respected our traditions of independence. The committee people wouldn’t stand for anything else.

One of the students is himself a committeeperson. I encouraged him to post his report on this blog. Let’s hope he does. It should be interesting.

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