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The great preserver?

Ben Waxman has a column up turning on its head the now-received wisdom that the mayor should be judged by what he hasn't done. There's been a chorus for a while arguing that the mayor has missed opportunities -- for deeper ethics reform (Catherine Lucey), or for taking the recessionary opportunity to minimize government for the long term (Larry Platt).

But Ben's point is much of what the mayor hasn't done is to the great benefit of the city: he hasn't slashed jobs, and largely preserved services. In the context of what has been happening in other major cities, that's no small feat.

PS congrats, Ben for the byline!

New Blog on the Block

If YoungPhillyPolitics was like New Kids on the Block, then Ben Waxman would be our little Joey McIntyre. And, just like Joey, Ben is striking out on his own with a solo career.

I am proud to announce that Ben Waxman is now writing for a new Daily News/WHYY blog called "It's Our Money," that will track City Council and the Mayor through this year's budget process. The new blog will also try to keep up with budget hearings and various constituencies and causes seeking funding in the city's $3 billion + budget.

You can check out one of Ben's first posts here.

It's pretty cool that the DN/WHYY will continue to provide the detailed political coverage that the Next Mayor started. And while these "professional" blogs can't hold a candle to YPP when it comes to snark and unbiased opinions, they do ok. Congrats Ben!

[Meanwhile, take a look at Joe McIntyre's first solo vid below.]

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