My partner's son is a drug addict

He's getting along better than he has in years. He's in a methadone program. He has a mental illness diagnosis but he's been relatively stable. After a series of "brushes with the law," he hasn't been in jail in two years. He's in a stable relationship. He's been in the same apartment for two years. He's participating actively in two different counseling programs.

His girlfriend is in a similar situation. Recently she has been reducing her methadone dosage, with the hope of getting off of it.

They have been using the $200 they each get per month in welfare benefits to pay rent on their apartment in Kensington.

They both just got letters saying that their welfare cash subsidies will be ending as of July 31rst.

I know this isn't the crowd that needs to be preached to - but how in the world does this make any sense?

With losing this source of income, and the accompanying increase in financial stress in their lives, the likelihood of them using again in the future will increase. If they use, the chances of them committing crimes to pay for their habit will increase. Along with the chances of them committing crimes increasing, so do their chances of being incarcerated. With incarceration will come increased cost to the state.

Multiply their (or somewhat similar) situation by thousands (tens of thousands? - if you weren't aware of this, the cash welfare benefits for tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians will be cut off tomorrow). Consider that many of those being cut off are mentally and physically disabled.

Being disabled will not exempt anyone from having their assistance cut off

Consider that many of those being cut off have nowhere to turn to for help.


There is a cold-heartedness that is seizing this nation.

But I don't believe it will last. It's like a fever. It will be broken. . .

My guess is that most people have no idea this is happening

And if they did, they would be opposed. Well, most people not on welfare, that is.

Cutting off welfare benefits to disabled people? It makes no sense.

It is interesting just how little publicity this has gotten.

Most people know Corbett is a cruel bastard

and his popularity has been sinking, at least in part, because of it. Or at least I'd like to think that's why.

just a suggestion

My brother in law gets ssi disability for alcoholism .it would seem that if alcoholism qualifies for ssi disability then substance addiction may qualify also?

We're trying to help him apply for SSI

It's been tough for him to get it together to get through the process, but he's gathering the needed information and it does look like he'd be eligible.


Horrible. I hope this works out.

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