GOODE becomes Founding Board Member of Local Progress

City Councilman W. Wilson Goode, Jr. traveled to the nation’s capital this weekend to discuss innovative ways that elected officials around the country are strengthening their local economies. Councilman Goode joined dozens of other officials from over thirty small towns and large cities to participate in the creation of Local Progress, a new national municipal policy network dedicated to “broadly-shared prosperity, equal justice under law, sustainable and livable cities, and good government that serves the public interest effectively.”

Goode serves as a Founding Board Member of Local Progress, and moderated the first policy discussion.

“I had a tremendous weekend meeting passionate public servants from around the country,” Goode said. “I was excited to both moderate and participate in a panel discussion on Economic Justice and to present my policy work. We had an exciting exchange of ideas on issues such as living wage jobs and community benefit agreements.”

Participants began the gathering with the discussion on the creation of good jobs. “We kicked it off with lively presentations about how cities can foster smart economic growth,” said Nick Licata, the Seattle City Councilmember who is chairing the Local Progress network. “Everyone agreed that we have to build an economy where workers are paid a living wage with adequate benefits, sick leave, and the security they need to support their families.”

The municipal legislators spoke optimistically about their vision for the coming decades. “A broad coalition of voters sent a powerful message on election day,” said Faith Winter, a councilmember from Westminster, CO. “Voters want government that works in the public interest – not just the interest of multinational corporations – and that treats everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

The attendees said they planned to continue sharing effective policy ideas over the coming months and years. “We’re building a national movement for a more fair and just economy,” said Goode,“and we’re off to an amazing start.”

Kudos on this

This is a great start for serious study of issues that will re-empower our urban areas, and take back their rightful place in culture, economy, and society. I hope that Local Progress can hold a conference in Philadelphia, so we can learn from our colleagues across the country.

Joshua Vincent
Phree Philly

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