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Whatever happened to the power of positive thinking?

All my life I was disgusted with and at times fought positive hype, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, and Third Parties claiming they are going to win instead of getting clout and permanent ballot access to win in future elections. Now suddenly I feel more positive than many around me and see hope at this point of being a positive catalyst for change.

Two months ago there was dread, not hope, that the poor wouldn’t vote or wouldn’t be allowed to, or be swayed to vote against their interests by shady campaign ads, and fear that blacks, Hispanics and young people in general would stay home, The hate movie of Prophet Mohammed as a porn star was feared to lead to massive tit for tat revenge killings, But Ambassador Chris Stevens’ relatives and the relatives of the other Americans killed in Benghazi emphatically spoke out against using their loved one’s deaths to spread hate, Ironically and sadly Buddhists and Muslims in far off Burma engaged in tit for tat revenge killings.

Suddenly, elsewhere, there was a massive realization that those who hysterically warn of danger are often the one’s who are actually baiting it, as those US politicians warning of a Muslim danger lost in the November election.

Also losing were two right-wing Miami Cubans. Orthodox Jews used to be in the habit of voting Republican, so much for the 5th column accusations. Those who thought gay marriage and pot would destroy the nation once voted without fail in every pertinent election. The Republican base didn’t pull through, or is in taters.

Counsel for a Liveable World candidates won most of their races. Kathy Boockvar didn’t qualify for their endorsement, but progressive Eastern Pennsylvania was heart broken. However Mike Fitzpatrick campaigned under the theme he, not Kathy, would end Obama’s wars. Let’s make him prove it.

As the Rich get Richer, Two Who Were Once Desperately Poor, Inspire

Looking at the 1st Presidential Debate led me to take a stiff drink, Romney blaming the poor while Obama is afraid to mention them only mentioning the middle class. Logically it is better to be ignored then blamed. There is a persistent drift over many elections that less and less people are paying attention to politics. But maybe if the Greens can inspire the stay-at-homes as the Libertarians and Constitutionalists shave votes from Romney, the future will be brighter even if a last minute economic meltdown leads to a Romney win.

After the debate was over I turned on my computer to watch the last half of the expanded debate with Jill Stein the Green Presidential candidate and Rocky Anderson the Justice Party candidate offering inspiration despite my being tipsy with alcohol. I promise if Pennsylvania is no longer Obama Blue but a toss up state November 6, I will vote for Obama unless Obama depresses me so much I couldn't make it to the polls. Part of the economic depression is Obama endless compromises even though it is good to get excited about Romney's last hurrah foreign policy which is in this declining economic period is suicidal.

Thursday's expanded Vice-Presidential debate Oct 11, on Democracy Now might be very inspirational. Both Cheri Honkala and Luis Rodriguez came out of extreme poverty and are getting poor folk involved in politics,

If the Libertarians join, a former judge, Libertarian Judge Gray who once liked to convict people like the young hood Lois Rodrogues who used to deal drugs can debate Judge Gray who used to make a faddish of putting jail drug dealers in jail. Since he reformed Rodrogues became a prize winning author. Thank to all the 3rd party efforts with a particular appreciation for the Libertarians and Constitutionalists for destroying or at least raining on the super-rich conspiracy, I may not have to get drunk and forget it any more.

7pm New Mexico I hope is 6pm Philadelphia where I can hopefully watch it on Democracy Now Channel 35 TV.Try to get a hall or movie theater to hook itself to the internet.

Politics turned Rodrogues's and Honkala's life around, collective self-help politics is making Honkala's life soar. Kids heading for trouble have football and basketball stars put in their face, Don't let the hacks say registration to vote is almost over, if someone gets turned away from the voting booth for being unqualified or in some way indicates interest everyone even Obama diehards make sure you have a registration form to hand them for future participation.

I would like to see 5 second ads on the TV screen, “'Vote “No!” to two party corruption shop for 3rd party hope election day.

Staying home is giving corrupt politicians the world they want”; with a link or several at the bottom of the screen. If one can't buy a less then 15 second TV ad perhaps the Sierra Club and the ACLU could each have 5 seconds.

Why sit around depressed as things slowly get worse under Obama or rapidly collapse under Romney when we can do better? Winston Churchill inspired Britain with his Blood, Sweet and Tears policy, the Libertarians with a no foreign bleeding policy would be better than Obama-Romney as well.

PS in Philadelphia there was a small Peace Demonstration with no war on Iran or Syria signs at 30th Street bridge, and the Schuylkill Expressway light, as cars gave a quick toot of approval like they used to at the height of the Vietnam War. I hope this is repeated all over the country. I want a one hour demo at that spot twice a week.

By Richard Kane

Don't let Harrisburg destroy Philadelphia

Register to vote here, and fight for your picture ID This is meant to be a big poster in front of a table or a leaflet

YOUNG-PHILLY-POLITICS-ers help me to set up pro-Vote Philly tables.

Harrisburg hates SEPTA and public transit, and Republicans have always been against a National ID,
Philly is one place in the US that one is not handicapped not to have a driver's license, and if Philadelphians yawn it may mean no more SEPTA.

You don't have to blame Romney if you want to register Republican. As governor of Massachusetts he supported Public Transit, but he picked Paul Ryan for VP who wants to destroy SEPTA.

Register to Vote here, whether Dem, Repub, (or Green to expand SEPTA), or Libertarian, despite Republicans systemically trying to prevent Libertarians or Constitutionalists from Running a Presidential Candidate in Pennsylvania.

The effort to get Philadelphia the Public Transit Oasis in this country not to be denied the vote is being run by the National Obama campaign. But all of Philadelphia is being screwed. We all must get together to prevent Philly's Voice from being muzzled in Harrisburg, Help me set up a Pro-Philly less partisan vote and ID effort. Get some non-profit organization money involved to help people get ID's and register instead of just politicos such as League of Woman Voters.

LINK for Paul Ryan will destroy Septa,

LINK for Green Party and better Cheaper SEPTA

LINK to Democratic Party hurts their cause by refusing to help Libertarians and Constitutional Party stay on the ballot


As soon as I find a good link for Green Party registration drives I will post the Obama site by editing this site. Of course a commenter can post it as well.

Material on our local hero and icon Cheri Honkala, unless comments added regularly comments will close on that site,

AFTERTHOUGHT Lack of ID in this modern world is a handicap. So many people without one in Philly is probably at least a slight economic drain on the whole city. I understand it is illegal to ask people to get a free ID without asking them to vote. A party with a former homeless mother in the Vice President slot can be at the forefront of getting Philadelphians the ID they need.

Could someone clarify what I can and can not say to get thousands of new people to get the ID they need, some of which will take the opportunity to vote, maybe more than those who see the ID helper as trying to force Obama in their face.


New suggestion for tabling

Register to vote here and let up help you to get the picture ID you need for many purpose. Sponsored by the Green Party (We process all voters regardless of party).

Informational note Harrisburg opposes Philadelphia and public transit,
So does Paul Ryan but not Romney. Green Party fights to lower fares and improve service. And fights voter depression. There are many issues, but please register and vote the way your conscience dictates. And if you don't have valuable picture ID take this public voting crisis as an opportunity to get one.

Finally common ground on gun control, Libertarian VP

Libertarian Vice President Candidate discusses gun control,
Source: Scrawl down to Aug 15 6am @

Links on gun owners who want some limits surch in the following links,

An article about guns some gun control, from a gun owner, Willa Howe-Bennett


I, like the rest of the world today, woke up to the sickening events in Aurora, Colorado . . .
Let me say at this point that I am a member of a group called PINK PISTOLS, which is a GLBT shooting club that is also a member of the NRA. I take my 2nd Amendment rights very seriously; the one recourse that all people of the United States have access to combat tyranny is the right to keep and bear arms. However, an armed citizenry and a RESPONSIBLE, well-educated citizenry are two separate things

The rest of the article is at,

I would like to thank Wilma Howe-Bennett for your fresh air on the gun issue. I have something similar to reach people and change minds. But since you are a gun owner I will tailgate your blog post.

George Zimmerman's right to follow people around in a way many of those followed found threatening was his membership in town watch. But he was ignoring their telephone instructions to stop following. If he had a suit or a guard outfit on, Trayvon Martin would have less reason to think he was about to be mugged and felt he had to defend himself. Zimmerman might have well been a rouge undercover cop who was told to stop looking for hidden illegal weapons in a extensive legal collection and ending up shooting in self-defense the way a bank robber would shoot before a security guard aiming a gun at him shot first.

Most killing is some sort of self-defense. So the issue is legal or illegal self-defense. What is now driving more servicemen batty then in past wars is that today far fewer of them were in fear for their lives when they were told or expected to start shooting.

So a gun owner defending George Zimmerman is defending a rouge police, or other official, being around the gun owner in a threatening way, and ending up killing the gun owner.

However arresting Zimmerman's wife and high bail makes gun owners less identify with Trayvon Martin who was killed because he wasn't a pacifist and decided to defend himself.

Let's in our political activity get back to trying to persuade instead of to try to make those we disagree with do what we want.


Comprehensive look at James Homes follows, How did painfully shy straight A student
Americas hated killer

Gun Owners Say They Want More Controls, a GOP Pollster Says,

Will the Reform Party change the image of the protest vote in Philadelphia?

Reform Party activist David Shrier is trying to get enough signatures to run in the 182 House Legislative District which includes parts of Center City, Fairmount, Grays Ferry and Washington Square West. The anger over Gay Rights leader Brian Sims throwing Babette Josephs under the bus, as she puts it, might guarantee Shrier 8% of the vote which is what Gene Miller the Green candidate got when he successfully fought against the Chinatown casino. The Reform Party's National Convention is coming to Philadelphia and will be a source of volunteers for Shrier,
There is still time for the Peace Community, and those who don't like what happened, to find a candidate and gather signatures to run under the Green Party banner and be far less sharp-tongued, and preserve the image of a Philadelphia protester usually being progressive.

David Shrier was once extremely sharp,
Cerebral Palsy slowed him down to the point that it is surprising that he is running. He seems to have money to spend. His Petition Party leaflet announces “FREE Food, Beer and Soda – No Contribution July 22 1:pm Second Floor * Dave Shrier MUST have his ballot petitions signed AGAIN on a NEW form, even if your've already signed the old form”.

Babette Josephs has been a tireless advocate for children. Brian Sims accusing her of voting against mandatory registration of sex offenders is very unfair. It is so embellished that no one yet found the 2006 bill he is talking about, see PHILEBRITY,

The February 2007 The JOSEPHS REPORT page 4 Getting Tough on Sex Offenders states Babette Joshephs' position on the two 2006 bills that had just passed the previous year. “Two new laws I supported protects the public against convicted sex offenders

Repression of the Occupy Movement and the Homeless needs to be kept track of

Young Philly Politics hasn't been keeping track of events concerning Occupy Philly or attempts to chase away the homeless since,

Thing have been particularly bad in Chicago and if the more established progressive community if Philly doesn't get involved again they can also keep going down hill in Philly. I believe in reporting, in part, good news; but the following is dated,

Unfortunately there has been repression around the country and, and in turn not the best behavior on the part of some protesters even in Philadelphia.

Let's try to stay involved and prevent things from getting worse.

I can't remember the old German anti-Nazi quote, “When they came for . . . I wasn't one so I said nothing, ending with when they came for me”.

Enclosed is some bad news that Young Philly Politics should deal with. I'm sure there is also good if we looked hard enough and should be posted,

Even more bad news is the casino disaster. Only people who are too poor or desperate to be able to another cassino go to Sugar House Casino,

Welcome Ron Paul (the new Ralph Nader) to the Liberty Bell today Sunday April 22

This was my past suggest toward smorgasbord approach to politics,

Romney kicked Occupy Philly members out of a fund raiser despite paying admission. With Ron Paul if an Occupy Philly member wanted to ask about gun control and Trayvon Martin, a discussion would follow,

If someone would pay my admission to his fundraiser this morning or this evening, despite admiring him more than Ralph Nader, I would ask about bee hive collapse, and business rights. Sick bees fly away from the hive preventing epidemics in their crowded hives, and even wild bees find corn syrup in discarded soda cans. Corn around the world has become infected with genetically produced insecticide. My question to Paul, “Should the Feds prevent local farmers and labs from making a new breed of genetically altered bees to return to the hive despite being sick, and let bee doctors monitor the hive instead of the bees. Send troops if need be to a country like Chile to prevent such experiments or lobby the UN to do it?

Anyway with Ron Paul, politics can get back to discussing the issues instead of arguing who is or is not evil.

Over 200 years ago a cracked bell represented a bunch of crackpot ideas on Liberty. Ron Paul by coming to the Liberty Bell continued his constant effort to prevent any more new cracks in that bell.

Rather than Ralph Nader I like to compare Ron Paul to Johnny Appleseed, Every time Ron Paul talks he spreads contemplating new ideas to the political process. A rule in politics is never say too much. This is one more thing Ron Paul refuses to be part of.

Bring out beer & champagne, celebrate even if the ceasefire is just for a moment

Something worth celebrating.

It amazes me, the ceasefire in Syria is actually holding for the time being. A peace effort similar to in the 50's when there were international peace conferences sponsored by Womens International League for Peace and Freedom and others, or when World War II ended.

Bring out the old hippy garb from the attic. Bring out the beer and the champagne. I shocked the official peace movement by cheering when bin Laden was stopped. I wish he had lived but feared him returning to script and asking his followers to blow up his trial site. In hindsight, I kick myself for not splashing champagne and beer when the Chilean miners were rescued, but instead remained glued to my TV set.

Maybe I can go down to the local Occupy Philly site at the Liberty Bell with pizza and ginger ale, since I might be arrested if I brought beer, or could afford champagne.

Come on everyone join me. We have let ourselves get far too grim and cynical.

Bringing noisemakers and soda to the local campaign offices would cause confusion but perhaps even some politicians would join in. Too bad today's date isn't April 22 when Ron Paul is coming to the Liberty Bell where I could squirt soda and non-alcohol beer near the stage. Michelle Obama spoke this morning at the University of Penn, I could have had noise makers soda and a sign in front of the building where she spoke, or even squirt it a few hundred feet from the President if he comes to Philadelphia or a probably annoyed Romney.

Homeless attack should not be ignored

I used to feel at home at Young Philly Politics, but it's time for this blog to start paying attention to Mayor Nutter's efforts to chase the homeless away from center city. People that don't only have a fake progressive. conscience could sign up to be at the table to feed the homeless twice, because now the third time in some places will result in a fine.

Thirty years ago I had hypoglycemia, without knowing what it was. I ended up panhandling for food struggling with myself not to eat out of trash cans and to buy peanut butter crackers instead of a cup of coffee drenched in sugar because I knew coffee as a meal made my concentration worse. However when a hurried commuter left a cup of coffee at the 40th and Woodland subway portal I finished it off.

Enclosed is a local link,
Enclosed is Dallas, NY and other cities,
Enclosed is what I posted elsewhere,

How about those who plan to be available to feed the homeless twice sign up with successive comments at the end of this blog

Santorum, Ron Paul and bin Laden - personal morality their followers admire

If you only look at ones personal life as to what's important in a political leader then some lightning rod characters fit the bill. No lavish parties or two-timing personal rants, or sexual flings or gaudy expensive entertainment or extravaganzas. It is rare for people to really practice what they preach. Work and serious business comes first, but still plenty of time for family matters. Rick Santorum has eight children, one died at birth. Ron Paul has five. A picture of Ron Paul with his children, grandchildren and in-laws is an amazing crowd.


[(To back up a moment I am writing this because some who I look up to would be happy for a person like Santorum to win to make it easier for the Democrats, not noting that if would also encourage President Obama compromise more. )]


Computers Stolen from Occupy Philly at worst moment

The computer lap tops were stolen from Occupy Philly communications tent. Their email chatter all but ceased.

Maybe someone could come over with a lap top or find and old one without sound and video for them for emergency communications.

Whether it was political or just someone in need of cash, it is actually amazing that the long term desperate, and overwhelmed by debt college grads not out of immediate cash have gotten along so well,

For more detail see,


election riddle

What happened when a voter pressed Cheri Honkala first then pressed the Democratic or Republican button at the top? Did Honkala button go dark and Jewell Williams light up along with the rest of the Democrats? I am looking for someone who did this yet was alert enough to note if Honkala's light stayed lit,

One way or another I am sure more than 6% of the voters tried to vote for her.

She was slightly outvoted in my division, and I am sure she didn't actually win, but elsewhere in the city something must have not added up.

Vote Cheri Honkala #321 last

Honkala's campaign material says vote #321 first, but Kathran Boockvar #202 a former public defender is an even more important race for Commonwealth Court. When it comes to retention, I feel it is also important. Please read Jody Dodd's of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom discuss why she will vote yes on Common Pleas Judge Lisa M. Rau,

There is a strategic reason not to vote #321 Honkala first. After one presses #321 if you press the straight Democratic or Republican button, your vote for Honkala won't count, you will vote for the business as usual sheriff instead. Unless you again press her button and turn her light on again.

When I go to vote I will push the big D to save time. Then press #321 Honkala if her light doesn’t go on I will press #221 to turn the Dem. sheriff light off, and then press and light up #321

Win or loose Honkala got poor people interested in voting again, without trying to pretend to be middle class. In California the pot referendum gave democracy a shot in the arm. The ordinary California Democratic politician considered the referendum a hassle despite it enabling them to win. Republicans appreciate getting issues like gay marriage on the ballet to invigorate the base. Democrats just cry Republican conspiracy instead of joining in putting interesting (hot button)questions on the ballot. Philadelphia politics is now exciting because Honkala and poor people are back in the democracy game.

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