Join Helen Gym and Education Nation on teaching sustainability

Update: You can pick up the panel at the 21:00 mark where we tackle merit pay, TFA, and how to build sustainable teaching careers.

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This afternoon at 4 p.m., I'll be on a panel for Education Nation reviewing a new documentary "American Teacher" and discussing sustainability in the teaching profession. The documentary focuses on the struggles of four teachers across the country to remain in a profession which loses almost half its teachers within five years. Locally the numbers for Philadelphia are even more serious, where the PFT says that more than 50% leave by their fifth year.

Expect a strong discussion with folks like Newsweek pundit Jonathan Alter, the teachers featured in the documentary and myself.

The event streams live online at Hope you'll join the conversation!

Keep up the great work!


Keep it up. The Green Party of Philadelphia is behind you....when your ready to run for office....You know were to find us!

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