Vote Yes on Ballot Question #1

I am urging you to vote YES on Ballot Question #1 to confirm City Council's authority to enact ordinances requiring economic opportunity plans.

This is not a symbolic measure - its purpose is to codify current and future "economic opportunity " ordinances within the Home Rule Charter without conflict with the Mayor's general authority with regard to non-competitively bid and professional services contracts.

It is my belief that business and workforce diversity goals, as well as living wage and benefit standards, should be applied to all contracts. Yet, the City's Law Department has, for years, maintained that any ordinance enacted by City Council is not legally enforceable with regard to non-competitively bid and professional services contracts unless specifically authorized by the Charter.

For that reason, the Ortiz Ordinance (#030125) which rewrote the Code on economic opportunities in 2003, based on best practices, was unanimously approved and signed into law - but never implemented because it was deemed not legally enforceable as it exceeded the authority of Council.

I am urging you to vote "YES" because it is urgent that our City contracting dollars benefit Philadelphia businesses and workers first - with opportunities for women, people of color, and the disabled. The same rules for ALL contracts.

Vote YES. Thanks. :)

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