Paul Vallas in the NYT Magazine

Sunday's NYT Magazine had an interesting article about New Orleans public schools, with Paul Vallas as the superintendent.

Daily News Ask's Where's Jack? Where is Donna?

The Daily News Editorial Board Asks "Where's Jack?"

IT'S BEEN 10 days since the U.S. attorney charged Christopher Wright, chief of staff for Councilman Jack Kelly, with a fraud conspiracy and other charges in a nine-count indictment.

Wright is accused of using his official position with Council to give special treatment to two real-estate developers and their lawyer - all of whom have also been charged - in return for cash and gifts, including a free apartment and free legal services.

And in 10 days, we've heard barely a word from the councilman: No word on how long Wright will be able to keep his job, no word on how aware Kelly might have been about what might have been going on in his office or what he's doing to get to the bottom of these charges, and no word on how he intends to keep it from happening again.

Good editorial. Maybe not as good as the use of Richie Valens, but, it will do.

Looking deeper at the latest Daily News/ Keystone Poll

See the recent Daily News article about the Presidential race in Pa tightening? Check out Adam B.'s analysis of it at Daily Kos. His basic take:

It's utter bullshit. Barack Obama -- based on this poll's own raw data -- actually leads John McCain among likely voters by a ten point margin. Let me explain.

Barring a miracle, including voters going to sleep, and volunteers deciding not to help, Obama is going to kick McCain's ass in PA.

“Beyond Race” vs “Anti-Racist”

This is a good discussion of interracial dating & relationships that I found when it was reposted at Racialicious. At the end is a distinction between "beyond race" and "anti-racist" approaches that I think is applicable well beyond the relationship sphere. The comment thread at Racialicious is also well worth reading.

In general, I would be delighted (so long as anyone else at YPP is interested) to have more discussions about (for lack of a better phrase) "politics in everyday life" particularly as it relates to young people in Philadelphia.

See a free movie, and review it for YPP

If anyone wants to see the movie IOUSA, and review it for YPP, let me know, and I think we can hook you up with a free ticket.

ACM as the moral authority on John Edwards

Andrea Missias, blogger at a Smoke Filled Room, was quoted as a moral authority on the fall of John Edwards:
Instead, for former supporter Andrea Missias, an editor, Edwards' behavior "tarnishes the moral credibility he's built through his work on poverty, and it also raises questions about his overall judgment." She wrote as much on her blog, Just Between Strangers, ending her disgusted entry with "Feh."

Nutter Responds to Stalberg on Campaign Finance

A letter from Zack Stalberg to the Daily News about campaign finance gets results.