Diane Ravitch on Education Beyond Testing

Top education advocate Diane Ravitch has been on a tear recently.

Her "Death and Life of the Great American School System" ripped a new one for a generation's worth of politicians' approaches to "fixing" American schools.

Now, in the last two issues of the New York Review of Books, she has laid out a simple examination of our national obsession with teaching to the test, comparing it to Finland's success story, using a completely different approach.

It's stimulating stuff for anyone interested in improving American schools who'd rather look at best practices rather than random theories by right-wing ideologues.

This is the first of a two-part article. I've read the second in the current NYRB, and it's great. Hopefully it will be available soon online, so I can post a link.

Hey Sam - on schools in Finland

I figured you'd find this interesting:


BTW - do you have a link to that second article?

Thanks DE! Here's the second Ravitch article.


That's a very interesting Atlantic article. Among other things, it underscores why we have to keep talking about economic fairness and restoring the middle class.


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