Scary Holloween Extra: Ryan and his Budget could Win . . . along with that Romney Guy

Bottom line to this too long essay: we’ve all got to get out and work as hard for Obama as we did in 2008. Or maybe harder because the Republicans are crazier. Here are some ways how:

1) First the Obama campaign is organizing door-to-door canvasses throughout our area. To find the ones nearest to you, go here.

2) One of the few good things about Citizens’ United is that it allows unions to collaborate with community folks to do joint work. Presto! Workers’ Voice was created and it's canvassing swing and apathetic voters in the City’s swingiest area, the great Northeast, in the final days. On Saturday the canvass will jump off at 9 AM. On Tuesday there will be three shifts, 9, 12 and 3. Each of those shifts will gather at the Sprinkle Fitters Union, 14002 McNulty Rd. You can just show up, or you can contact either of the following with questions or to let them know you’re coming:

Liz McElroy, 267-455-8191, emcelroy@philaflcio.org.
Nick Alpers, 215-518-8760, nalpers@philaflcio.org

3) Workers’ Voice also has a calling tool that you can use to call your Facebook friends. You can find that here.

4) Fight for Philly is also organizing weekend canvasses, in the Spring Garden area of the City. To sign up with them, click here.

YOU can Prevent the Vote Stealing

You all know what's going on; the GOP is trying to take us all back to the 18th century, to have a country that literally is governed in the image of the founding fathers. Justice Scalia will fill in the details. To make it happen, they have to be sure the women, the people of color and the young, don't vote.

You don't like that idea? Then you have to keep reading. . .


1. Transport voters with the necessary documentation to PennDOT to obtain a Non-Drivers License Photo ID Card, stay with them and help them through the process and transport them back. Volunteer trainings will be scheduled at the Coalition office at 310 W. Chelten Ave. Call the Coalition office to get more info: 215-848-1283.

2. Volunteer with the Homeless Advocacy Project or the Senior Law Center (215-701-3201) clinics to help voters obtain birth certificates.

3. Take calls from voters with questions about the birth certificate process or other aspects of Voter ID requirements. Contact either of the organizations above.

4. Make calls to voters in your neighborhood to see if they have proper id. Jeff Garis of Pa. Voice is coordinating a calling blitz from 8/12-8/25 at least. Contact him at jgaris@infoservicesgroup.net or 215-694-4783.

5. Contact the NAACP to help: 8/22 (today) from 3-7 pm at a high volume location to assist with voter registration and educate about Voter ID. There will be a team leader to assist you. There will be other dates and times to do this; let Gloria Gilman (215-568-4990; gmgilman@igc.org) know what you’d like and she’ll connect with the NAACP to try to set up a group or contact them directly. Locations include Broad and Olney, Bridge & Pratt; Market East; FernRock; Frankford Transportation Center; 69th Street Terminal. NAACP coordinator is John Jordan: j715jordan@yahoo.com; 215-715-5681.

6. Canvas door to door (put on door hangers with needed info to targeted neighborhoods where it is believed that there are a lot of people without proper id); phone bank; do data entry; do packet assembly: daily. Shifts in morning, afternoon, evening, weekends daily. Call the Coalition office: 215-848-1283 or go there at 310 West Chelten Ave. It’s near the Chelten Avenue station on the Chestnut Hill line, and if you’re driving, there is free parking.

7. Get trained about Voter ID issues by the Coalition office and agree to do one or more speaking engagements. There are many unfilled requests for this. Contact Molly Morrill to arrange this: mmorrill@seventy.org; 215-557-3600. There is a lot of information and forms available online at the Committee of Seventy website: seventy.org website.

8. Check the Coalition calendar to see what’s listed: http://www.seventy.org/ElectionsVoterID.aspx

9. There is an app called the Cost of Freedom App widget detailing voter ID requirements in Pa and around the country which can be sent out to your email lists or social media contacts, especially to young people: www.costoffreedom.info or contact Faye Anderson at 215-995-5028 or costoffreedomproject@gmail.com about this.

Philly For Change Endorses Honkala, Oh, O'Brien and 10 Democrats

For the first time ever, Philly For Change, one of the city’s largest progressive political organizations, is endorsing Republicans and a Green. Last Wednesday night the group voted to endorse six candidates in Tuesday’s elections, including Republicans David Oh and Dennis O’Brien, Democrats Bill Green and William Greenlee, all for Council At Large, Republican Al Schmidt for City Commissioner, and Green candidate Cheri Honkala for Sheriff.

Those candidates join the group’s earlier endorsements to form Philly For Change’s slate. Those endorsements include Seventh district Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sanchez, At Large Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown, City Commissioner candidate Stephanie Frank Singer, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judge candidate Kathryn Boockvar, Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge candidates Barbara McDermott and Carolyn Nichols, and Municipal Court judge candidate Joyce Eubanks along with Mayor Michael Nutter.

“We’re responding to our members and the times,” said Philly For Change Chair David Sternberg. “The reality is that Republicans will hold two At Large seats on City Council and a City Commissioners’ seat, and our members want to choose the best people for those critical positions.”


Election Day Volunteers Needed in Millbourne

Dear Friends,
A historic political struggle is happening in Millbourne. You may have ridden past Millbourne on the El. It is a very small municipality. It is only ten square blocks. Years ago, the departure of a Sears store left it saddled with a huge hole in its tax base.

But Millbourne is also one of the most diverse small communities in Delaware County. Imagine if ten square blocks of West Philly had the power to elect its own mayor and council. Imagine what could be accomplished.

For the first time in many decades, there is a diverse slate of viable candidates running for local office that looks like the community there. They face a family that, in my opinion, has run the town like their own business for decades.

A few volunteers in Millbourne on Tuesday could make all the difference. I urge you to help them out. If you are doing any electoral work, I urge you to coordinate with them. Their contact info is below.

In Solidarity,
Chris White

The Undercard

As our generation becomes more involved in the political process, smaller elections once considered irrelevant, are now holding more weight. In a state where all judges are elected, citizens must make a conscious effort to be aware of whom we put on the bench. Judges decide whether or not are libraries stay open, what the constitution means, what rights we have and a host of other issues that effect all facets of our lives.

America needs Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton says her economic policies will restore the economic policies of her husband's administration. However both Hillary and her husband failed to demonstrate any economic wisdom or foresight as Alan Greenspan warned of irrational exuberance while the sub prime housing loans and dot com investment bubbles were created and pandered during her husband's administration and both supported China's entry into the World Trade Organization without any conditions such as protecting the environment or labor and property rights to levels that are comparable to western standards.

The U.S. government surplus (generated by taxes raised from the housing and investment bubbles) evaporated once the housing and investment bubbles burst.

Sen Clinton should Disclose her Current Fraud Trial before Primary

It is sad that the Media will not cover the Appeal of the Clinton Fraud Case (appeal granted in January) which will certainly be used by the Republicans. The GOP has already made a movie for use in the fall called "Hillary- The Movie" The movie can be viewed in 9 - ten minute segments. The case has a hearing to set a trial date 3 Days after the Pennsylvania Primary. Before Senator Clinton comes to Pennsylvania seeking votes, she should respect voters here and disclose that this case exists, (Go to www.lasuperiorcourt.org , Click on “Case Summaries” in the “Civil” column, then enter this case number: BC304174. She should disclose it before one vote is ever taken. The Plaintiff tells his story on video also, it can be viewed by searching Google: “Hillary Uncensored”

Vote "no" on Justice Saylor

The guy who stole our vote, doesn't deserve ours


Casino-Free Philadelphia urges everyone to go to the polls on November 6th and vote "NO" on Republican Thomas G. Saylor.

Remember the ballot question to create a 1,500-foot buffer zone between casinos and homes? Remember how instead of being on the ballot, large white stickers were pasted over that said: "Removed by Court Order"?

Whether you agreed or not with the ballot question, you have a right to your vote. Justice Saylor is responsible for restricting that right.


When the original gambling act was slid beneath the public's radar in summer of 2004 with no public input, Saylor and the rest of the Supreme Court upheld the law. In doing so, they opened the floodgates for taking power away from the voters.

No means no: Vote NO on retaining rapist-protector Municipal Judge Teresa Carr Deni

If you like, you can head over and read RussDiamond's ranting about PACleanSweep and their plan to defeat all the judges up for retention. But this isn't about that.

I have to confess that I typically vote against retention unless I have a specific reason to vote for a judge, because I think retention elections are dumb. I haven't decided what I'll do this time; I don't really align myself with PACleanSweep.

However, PACleanSweep or no, you must vote no on retaining Teresa Carr Deni. She just made a catastrophic ruling so activist and with such blatant disregard for the law and the roles of the legislature and jury that she is clearly not competent to sit on the bench.

She decided that a prostitute, who had agreed to have sex with two men for a certain amount of money, and who was then gang raped at gunpoint by five men and given no money, was not a victim of rape but merely a victim of "theft of services".

The law is quite clear: rape is having sex with a victim by forcible compulsion. And once there's a gun in her face and she's saying no, that is forcible compulsion. Doesn't matter how she makes her living, doesn't matter what was said before. These jerks were forcibly compelling this woman to have sex, and in taking the decision away from the jury, this judge ignored the law.

You can read about this appalling disgrace at Feministe or Philly.com

PACleanSweep believes that all the judges have violated the Constitution and thus proven themselves unfit to sit on the bench. That may be, but it is certainly a more esoteric argument than this one, where the law, the allegations and the subsequent gross dereliction of duty are absolutely clear.


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