Scrapple TV News: Republican Wingnuts, Stu Bykofsky, Charles Chaput, and the Philly Going Out of Business Sale

Scrapple News: we tell you what to think, and you obey.

In this episode: Republican front-runners still crazy; Stu Bykofsky doubles down; Archibishop Charles Chaput climbs into bed with YOU; and how much would you pay for a 330 year old city?


Drinking *Iced* Coffee Liberally, Mount Airy: 7/10

Fellow Liberal Coffee Drinkers-

Please join us 12:30 this Sunday @ Infusion Coffee & Tea, 7133 Germantown Ave. (http://www.infusioncoffeeandtea.com) as we Drink *Iced* Coffee Liberally in the heat. Just coffee talk, no big whoop- I'll give you a topic:

* Is it just me, or have Barack Obama + Bill Clinton been the best Republican Presidents in my lifetime? Welfare reform + unchecked Wall Street speculation under Clinton, and now the potential austerity plans under Obama, rather than taxing the rich? When will Dems ever learn that, if people want to elect Republicans, they'll elect Republicans, not Dems pretending to be Republicans.

See you Sunday,

Lots of goings on this weekend

Saturday 12pm at Tindley Temple Church (broad and fitzwater) State Rep. Kenyatta Johnson will be announcing his candidacy for 2nd district council to replace retiring Anna Verna. Kenyatta is a great guy and a solid progressive legislator who would be a great addition to city council.

then at 2pm Joe Grace will be having an Open house at his port richmond home (3170 aramingo ave). The former executive director of ceasefirepa is running for 1st district council to replace Frank Diciccio.

People should come out and support these great people running for council.

Go With The Joes, Be stubborn, and Let's get it on

In 2014 and 2016 Pennsylvania must go with the Joes. As I understand it Onorato lost his own county. Joe Hoeffel will win his own county and win big in Philadelphia. He needs exposure in Western Pennsylvania and we must begin a campaign to make all of Pennsylvania familiar with Joe Hoeffel. The campaign to win in 2014 must begin now.

Joe Sestak proved once again he has the right stuff. Someday, perhaps in 2024 it will be President Sestak. Whatever he chooses to do for the next 2 or six years I’ll be there to support him.

The Republicans won through stubborn devotion to their principles despite being buried in 2008. We can do the same and win again in 2012.

Drinking Liberally Election Night event

Drinking Liberally's main Philly chapter is co-hosting an election night party with American Constitution Society and National Lawyers Guild in the upstairs bar at Jose Pistola's, 263 S. 15th St., starting at 6 p.m. and running until whenever the returns are all in. Come one, come all, and watch the returns w/your fellow Philadelphia liberals.


Drinking Coffee Liberally, Mount Airy: Labor Day Weekend

Fellow Liberal Coffee Drinkers-

Please join DCL 12:30 this Sunday at InFusion Coffee & Tea (7133 Germantown Ave.) to mark the unofficial end of the officially hottest summer on record by consuming some good iced coffee and discussing the latest political news. Just coffee talk, no big whoop- I'll give you a topic:

* It's almost axiomatic that the party of the sitting President loses seats in both houses in a mid-term election. The question is: do the Dems lose control of either house? Bear in mind that the GOP has been quite clear that, if they gain control of either or both houses, the next 2 years will be spent investigating non-existent crimes of the Obama administration, along with the likely impeachment of the President for the unforgivable crime of governing while black. So, what can the Dems do to prevent this?


Philadelphia Rallies Against Mountaintop Destruction

On Monday (3/3/2010) a group of 40 concerned community members members rallied outside the Region 3 EPA building on Arch St in Philadelphia, where they demanded that the Agency stop approving new permits for mountaintop removal (MTR) mining. Philly's Region 3 office reviews MTR permits in Virginia and West Virginia.

The crowd chanted "Ending MTR, who has the say? Region 3 of the EPA!", while myself and fellow Rising Tide activist Josh Yoder attempted to enter the building with a letter for senior Region 3 Administrator Shawn Garvin. We were prepared to risk arrest (apparently entering a public government building without an appointment is an arrestable offense in Philadelphia) in order to deliver our message and secure a meeting with Jeffrey Lapp, an administrator who oversees the 404 Group that reviews the permits. We first contacted and met Lapp in October and requested a meeting in January, but had not heard back.

Drinking Coffee Liberally, Mount Airy: 2/28

Fellow Liberal Coffee Drinkers-

Please join us 12:30 this Sunday (2/28) at Infusion Coffee and Tea, 7133 Germantown Ave. (http://www.infusioncoffeeandtea.com) for the latest meeting of Drinking Coffee Liberally: Mount Airy. Just coffee talk, no big whoop- I'll give you some topics.

* Could this really be the endgame for health care reform? Might the Dems finally find a collective spine and realize that the GOP isn't going to work with them at all, so they'd might as well pass it on their own? Is the current state of reform- either in the House, Senate, or Obama version - even worthy of the name 'reform?'

* As Michelle Cottle put it, 'forget a loyal opposition; I'd settle for a sane one.' The GOP seems unable- or unwilling- to make any policy suggestions beyond tax cuts, less regulation, and saying 'no!' repeatedly. Is this any way to run an opposition party?

Finally a real candidate in the 175th....

Today, I signed up for a campaign that involves a new Progressive candidate in the 175th. For once the 175th will be able to vote for a candidate who is young, aggressive, creative, and forward thinking. A candidate who when you ask a question, does not need to look to someone else for the answer, he can answer for you because it is what he feels.

Mike O'Brien for years has been using the unions to push himself into office, screwing the community, and forcing his values down our throats without listening to us. Holding 3 meetings in 4 years does not constitute communication Mike, sending birthday cards to ward leaders, committee people, and judges of election does not equate to caring about your district. You have fought for so long against us and now we are going to turn against you!

What Stinks About Philadelphia...? Is it the Economy or Attitudes?

What Stinks About Philadelphia...? Is it the Economy or Attitudes?

Smiling is infectious. You can catch it like the flu.
When someone smiled at me today...I started smiling too!

I always loved that poem. Makes you wanna smile, and it is so true. Yet I find, in Philadelphia, this does not seem to hold the same truth. The streets are talking and Philadelphia is not the city that loves you back...

The City of Brotherly love has been named one of the most bloodiest cities, with murder rates and job-loss on the rise, no wonder everyone is on edge. I wonder, is or will Philadelphia ever be a great American city? Are our attitudes towards one another keeping us stagnant, and segregated? Or is it the challenges of the preceding economical conditions and we are stuck in a perpetual cycle?

GOP- KKK, same thing, now!

In the middle of a very contentious political battle over civil rights legislation, President Lyndon Baines Johnson muttered prophetically about the ugly political schism that would shape America's future, for generations to come. He essentially stated that if the Democratic party were to fully embrace and push for civil rights legislation, offering equal protection for millions of Americans who had been dealt an ugly historical misfortune, the party would "lose the South for 50 years". He knew why he said what he said. After all, he had his roots in that great southern state of Texas -- not know for its warm hearted embrace of civil or equal rights. Sadly, which may be more evident today than it was in 1964 or 65, he was correct.

Limbaugh Channels Jim Crow

In a very bizarre twist of events, conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, blamed President Obama for the beating of a white teen by two young black teens on a school bus, and then began to advocate for government-sanctioned racial segregation. Aside from intimating that President Obama, through his rhetoric and policy positions, has shaped a social environment, in America, which has encouraged racial strife, Limbaugh has suggested that the best option to address this is to force the segregation of black and white students. In fact, on his radio program, this is exactly what he said, “In Obama’s America, the white kids now get beat up, with black kids cheering...” Huh? At this point, words escape me. Obviously they escape the GOP as well, given that none of its leadership has come out against Limbaugh’s rhetorical blitzkrieg.

Public Program on State Approaches to the Economy and Stimulus


SUNDAY, July 19, 2009, 5:00 p.m.
Free. Reservations required. Please call 215.409.6700 or order online.

Online event registration

Annenberg Center for Education and Outreach
F.M. Kirby Auditorium
National Constitution Center
Independence Mall
525 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA

Drinking (Coffee) Liberally: Mount Airy- noon today!

Sorry about the lateness of the announcement, but Drinking Liberally: Mount Airy has morphed into Drinking (Coffee) Liberally: Mount Airy, and we're meeting noon today at InFusion Coffee + Tea (7133 Germantown Ave.). So, join us for good coffee, pastries, and conversation- political and otherwise.


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