2011 elections

Hugh Giordano to unions: The two parties have sold us out and the Greens are 100% pro-labor!

The following is an open letter sent to every Philadelphia area union by Hugh Giordano, printed with permission. Make sure to check out the Green Party of Philadelphia's upcoming events, like a meeting on the 27th and a concert on the 4th.

STOP Supporting the Democrats and Republicans!

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Hugh Giordano, and I am fellow union representative for the UFCW, Local 152. Many of you know me or have heard about me in my run for State Representative where I produced the highest percentage of vote of any third party candidate in a three-way race – beating the Republican in Philadelphia!

I produced this great victory because I stood for the issues, used basic union organizing skills, took NO corporate money, and had union support. Just imagine what I could have accomplished if I had all the unions behind me, the man power, and financial backing; I could have done so much more to defeat the CEO/corporate Democrat.

Although I did not win that election, I opened the doors for us, as a united labor front, to do great things for the future. We have a duty to do what is right and to fight back against the status quo. That is why we are labor leaders and chose this activist life. I use the word ‘activist’ because that is what we are supposed to be, NOT businessmen and businesswomen.

Plan a Progressive Philly for 2011

July frequently is the sleepiest month, especially when the thermometer hits triple digits.

In the lull before the hugely important fall elections (Governor, U.S. Senate, Congressional seats all over the suburbs at stake), it behooves progressive Philly to take a deep breath and plan ahead for Philly's future, especially as next year's City elections will be upon us by the time November's dust settles.

Think about it: many Philly progressives are unhappy about the current budget, the School District, the Mayor's performance and the perceived choices on City Council for 2011.

That's why this month's Philly For Change Meetup is being given over to a Progressive Planning Session for Philadelphia 2011. Philly For Change Chair David Sternberg will moderate this informal meeting Wednesday July 7 at 7:00 at Tritone, 1508 South Street (wheelchair accessible and, yes, air-conditioned).

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