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Stand with Cab Drivers: Demand that PPA is Accountable to Philadelphians

Hey all, please come out on Monday and support the Taxi Workers Alliance at the PPA board meeting. Check out the audio and video clips the Media Mobilizing Project produced below which explain the action.

The Taxi Workers Alliance of Pennsylvania (TWA) is calling drivers and concerned citizens to the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) Board Meeting at 3101 Market Street. The cabdrivers are attending the board meeting to demand that the PPA live up to its promise of removing the failing GPS systems from city cabs.

Video: Drivers Demand Accountability

Audio: Announcement of Monday Action

Taxi Driver Update: Video by Philly IMC

Image from the website.

Public Authorities continue to be one of the best means for taking control out of the hands of voters and putting it in the hands of bureaucrats two or three or four steps removed from anyone elected. I've written about the Taxi Drivers in this space several times now, but now Philly Independent Media Center has a great new video coming out a week or so in advance of a two day taxi strike.

Check the video out here.

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