An open letter to Mayor Nutter about Occupy Philadelphia

Dear Mayor Nutter,

In the last few months, the Occupy Movement, of which Occupy Philadelphia has been an important part, has had a dramatic impact on politics in America. At a time when most Democratic politicians have shied away from raising critical issues of inequality in income, wealth, and power, the movement has moved them to the forefront of our public debates. Democratic legislators in Harrisburg and Washington have recognized that this movement has already made a difference. It promises much more for the future.

Thus, while we have been proud of your response to Occupy Philadelphia to this point, we were terribly disappointed to read your recent statement about Occupy Philadelphia. It is disrespectful to the movement and the people who have created it. It raises complaints about Dilworth Plaza with regard to public safety and cleanliness that are exaggerated about that site yet true of too many neighborhoods in our city, where men and women suffer from dangerous and unkempt streets.

We understand that a renewal project, which will create much needed jobs, is in the future of Dilworth Plaza. We have and will continue to encourage Occupy Philadelphia to work with the city to find an alternative location when that project is ready to begin. However, our understanding is that the city has not been forthcoming in discussing, in any detail, alternate sites with Occupy Philadelphia. Nor has the city been transparent in offering details about when construction will begin at Dilworth Plaza.

So we encourage you and your administration to continue to be supportive of the broad goals of this important populist movement and to put aside bluster and threats and, instead, work with Occupy Philadelphia to address the issues that have arisen at the current site and a possible move to a new location.

Above all, we encourage you to avoid any precipitous actions that might lead to unnecessary and perhaps violent confrontation.


Philly for Change

Katherine Black
Timothy Brown
Keith Campbell
Paul Dannefelser
Polly Davies
Sam Durso
Anne Gemmell
Gloria Gilman
Seth Horwitz
Daniel Hunter
Rhoda Indictor
Jay McCalla
Micah Mahjoubian
Thomas Moore
Steve Nathan
Paula Paul
Matt Ruben
William Sensiba
David Schogel
Stanley Shapiro
David Sternberg
Marc Stier
M. P Tomei
Shawn Towey
Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg
Scott Wisniewski

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