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It is my birthday, and it sounds like the city is going to end its policy of sharing access to its arrest database with ICE.

After a packed, positive community forum at a South Philadelphia church - no small thing given a little, uh, Mexico-Argentina world cup soccer game happening at the same time - Everett Gillison, deputy mayor for public safety, announced that it is expected the city will opt not the renew the ICE contract in the coming week.

This is the product of powerful community action, recognized by strong leadership with the mayor, police, and DA. I am so proud and happy.

this is great news!

Thanks to you and your co-bloggers for bringing attention to this issue!

So this is half the battle ... but if I'm reading the article right, Philadelphia will still participate in Secure Communities, which means many of those arrested in Philly will still be turned over to ICE.

Dave Bennion

There is still a lot to do

Yes, pushing the issue of Secure Communities is certainly an important next step. You are probably aware but as we updated Helen's post on this, the DA's office has clarified that they have not publicly committed to reject ICE access to PARS.

hope williams does the right thing ...

... but why would he publicly contradict the Mayor on this unless he is planning to continue the contract? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Dave Bennion

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