Council Budget Testimony: all should show up if they can

The Henry George Foundation signed up yesterday and submitted testimony. Our plan is to help bridge the gap between the Mayor and the council's competing proposals. With less than two weeks to go, many ideas are floating, but no common ground has been achieved. We proposed combing the sales tax increase with LVT using the current BRT assessments, thereby changing - albeit modestly - the sales tax increase into a "tax on foreigners living abroad". We got a lot of questions, and had the data broken out by District and then city-wide.

Council was disappointed at the lack of attendance, but at least we had the luxury of being asked in-depth questions and a request to the chair by Councilman Green for a fuller study was accepted by CP Verna.

Helen Gym gave a sharp and persuasive presentation on BRT employees skulking in School District corridors. Helen's command of the subject impressed many.

If anyone has an idea that wants to be heard; I suggest that Friday or Saturday is a good time to sign up; Saturday is quite open.

Josh Vincent

Thanks Joshua

I didn't feel quite as positive about it, but glad to know someone actually listened. If I had known you were there I would have been very interested in hearing yours. Are you posting it anywhere on the Foundation's website?

Here it is

Apparently we were the only ones who showed up to testify on taxes, after all the debates across the city for the last six months. It looks to me that this budget is going to go through with a whimper after all the shouting...more temporary band-aids.

Eron Lloyd
Henry George Foundation of America & Center for the Study of Economics
413 S. 10th St., Philadelphia PA 19147

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