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Whole-city champions

At the polls, voters can cast their ballots for up to five at-large candidates. Two at-large seats are reserved by law for the minority party, usually the Republicans. Here are the candidates that the Editorial Board believes would best serve Philadelphia:



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Check it out.

You actually get to view a short clip of me in action from my freshman year in City Council. This moment was my turning point - asserting my economic development background on a key issue. Whether you agree with the position I took or not - I hope you enjoy the page and read the other information.


NUTTER to testify today on PREP Legislation

Democratic Mayoral Nominee Michael A. Nutter is the primary witness today at a City Council Finance Committee hearing on the Philadelphia Re-Entry Employment Program (“PREP”) Bill introduced by City Councilman At-Large W. Wilson Goode, Jr. in September. The bill will augment Goode’s existing Job Creation Tax Credit Law – which is helping to create over 2500 new jobs - with a new initiative created by Nutter. The new legislation will grant a $10,000-per job credit against City business privilege taxes for 3 years to companies that create new jobs for ex-offenders.

“This new initiative, created by Michael Nutter, offers a more comprehensive approach to re-entry for ex-offenders – it is the next step in addressing crime, violence, and the rate of prison recidivism in our city,” Councilman Goode said.

The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce will also testify on behalf of the PREP legislation. The hearing will take place in Room 400 City Hall at 1:00pm.

GOODE introduces Nutter PREP Legislation

GOODE introduces Nutter PREP Legislation

As City Council returns from summer recess, City Councilman At-Large W. Wilson Goode, Jr. introduces the Philadelphia Re-Entry Employment Program (“PREP”) Bill. The bill will augment Goode’s existing Job Creation Tax Credit Law – which is helping to create over 2500 new jobs - with a new initiative created by former councilman and Democratic Mayoral Nominee Michael A. Nutter. The new legislation will grant a $10,000-per job credit against City business privilege taxes for 3 years to companies that create new jobs for ex-offenders. The company must agree to provide at least $2000 in tuition support for education or training of each qualifying employee, and the employee must agree to repay the City at least 5% of wages earned during the period of the company’s tax credit benefit.

It's the economic disparity, stupid! Just a shot in the dark.

What makes gun violence the answer to life's questions for some?

Well, for some people, there is no longer the same faith in the American Dream that others pursued in previous generations.

Recently, two comprehensive studies were delivered to my office - annual disparity studies of both private lending and public contracting. Both studies document the reason for some loss of faith in the American Dream.

The first was a 248-page study titled “Comprehensive Report Examining Lending Practices of Authorized Depositories of the City of Philadelphia Calendar Year 2005”. It is the third in a series of studies examining lending disparities by race, sex, income, and geography. All of the studies are available at

City Council unanimously approves Goode Public Education Reinvestment Bill

City Council unanimously approves Public Education Reinvestment Bill

Goode legislation will save 100 teaching positions and prevent larger class sizes

(Philadelphia, May 31, 2007) – Philadelphia City Council has unanimously approved the Public Education Reinvestment Bill sponsored by City Councilman At-Large W. Wilson Goode, Jr., shifting more real estate tax revenue to bolster public education in Philadelphia. The new revenue will restore about $18 million in proposed cuts to next year’s school district budget and provide approximately $97 million more over the next 5 years. The restored funding for next year includes $8.8 million to save 100 teaching positions, $1.9 million for JROTC, $1.3 million for student-success centers in high schools, and $500,000 for the City Year program.

Do GOODE - # 77 ! Independent, Progressive Leadership At-Large.

Good morning.

My name is Wilson Goode. I am the youngest At-Large Member of Philadelphia City Council. Since taking office, I have introduced 46 bills - and 39 of them are already law. My legislative focus has been on creating new economic opportunities - new jobs with better wages, fair lending and community reinvestment, as well as diversity in city contracting.

I've been pretty successful - and I've even won some national and regional awards for my work.

But today - on Election Day - I ask for your vote - and I promise to get even better at what I do.

This election day is unlike any other election day that I remember - other than in May of 1983. Almost all major races are still competitive as we head to the polls. On this day, your vote definitely counts.

As you consider the At-Large race, I ask you to vote for the five best candidates within the field. Without a doubt, the best candidates may be a mix of incumbents and challengers.

We may end up with a mix of incumbents and challengers being victorious today - but not the best.

Vote for the best. Our city deserves no less.

I hope you vote for me. Do Goode - push button #77.

Thank you and please VOTE. :)

P.S. - A special thanks to Gaetano for his support.

GOODE receives both Daily News and Inquirer Endorsements

Let me thank the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer for endorsing my reelection bid in a field of 19 contenders for 5 nominations in the Democratic primary next week.

The Daily News wrote:"Wilson Goode is wonky, prickly, and the son of a former mayor, which alone should disqualify him from any reform movement, but he fights hard on important issues like banking equity and minority participation, and he has the guts to be contrary."

The Inquirer wrote:"Goode marches to his own drummer, with integrity and a sophisticated knowledge of economic development."

Let me also offer congratulations to Jim Kenney, the only other incumbent to receive both endorsements - and to Blondell Reynolds Brown who received the endorsement of the Daily News.

Congrats also to challenger Andy Toy, who received both endorsements - and to Matt Ruben for the Daily News nod, as well as Marc Stier and Derek Green on the Inky nod.

GOODE testifies before State House Judiciary Committee on Crime and Violence

GOODE testifies before State House Judiciary Committee
- pushes for Ex-Offender Employment Incentives and Public Education Funding

Philadelphia City Councilman At-Large W. Wilson Goode, Jr. testifies before the Judiciary Committee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives today. The committee is holding a fact-finding informational session on crime, drugs, and violence in the Commonwealth. The session takes place at Colorado Community Center, 2243-57 North 20th Street at 10:00 am. Councilman Goode will push for state funding of ex-offender employment incentives and public education to complement local legislation that he has offered to combat crime problems in Philadelphia.

"Unbought and Unbossed" - Still GOODE!

I am going to try to limit my comments to my personal perspective on political reform.

The most fundamental goal of political reform in a democracy is to uphold a "one person- one vote" system.

To achieve that goal, the issue of campaign finance has once again taken center-stage. I regret that.

When I offered my original campaign finance bill in 2003, before the bug, my focus was on the fact that only 175,000 people voted in the municipal primary that year.

Let me make one thing very clear - I trust the voters (regardless of how many) to make the decision that is right for them and I believe that we should respect any decision that is made in a fair and open democratic process.

I did the 2003 bill to increase participation in the democratic process.

City Council Committee approves GOODE Depository Branching Bill

Today, City Council’s Committee on Finance unanimously approved City Councilman At-Large W. Wilson Goode, Jr.’s Depository Branching Bill. The legislation requires that any City Depository authorized to accept City deposits under Section 19-201 of The Philadelphia Code notify the City of proposed branch closings.

Under the proposed new law, the City depository bank must provide the City with notice no later than 90 days prior to the date of the proposed branch closing. The notice to the City shall be sent to each member of City Council, the City Treasurer, the Commerce Director, and the Mayor’s Office of Consumer Affairs.

The contents of the notice to the City shall include:
1) identification and/or address of the branch to be closed;

GOODE introduces Public Education Reinvestment Bill

New legislation will shift School District-City Share of Real Estate Taxes to 60-40 Split

City Councilman At-Large W. Wilson Goode, Jr. wants to shift more real estate tax revenue to bolster public education in Philadelphia by introducing the Public Education Reinvestment Bill at City Council’s first session after winter recess.

Goode’s Public Education Reinvestment Bill addresses real estate taxes imposed by the City and the School District of Philadelphia by shifting an additional portion of the real estate tax from the City to the School District of Philadelphia, without changing the overall combined rate of the City and School District real estate tax.

Councilman Goode said, “I am particularly concerned with the school district’s 56 percent graduation rate, at a time when class size must be reduced and new educational approaches must be considered – or certain segments of our population will experience an even lower graduation rate. I believe that this bill reinvests in public safety, education, and new economic opportunities – all at the same time. “

GOODE and GPUAC to launch new Business Builder Loan Program

City Councilman At-Large W. Wilson Goode, Jr. and the Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition (GPUAC) will launch the Philadelphia Business Builder Loan Program. The announcement will take place tomorrow at the African American Museum in Philadelphia at 10:30am.

The Philadelphia Business Builder Loan Program was designed by GPUAC’s Small Business Lending Task Force to reduce the gap in lending to small businesses in low- and moderate- income and predominantly minority areas in the city. The new program will open the credit door more widely to small business owners whose credit histories and business plans fall below the standards that banks normally require to make loans.

Lending partners in the program include: Beneficial Savings Bank, Citizens Bank, Commerce Bank, PNC Bank, and United Bank of Philadelphia.


Today's Inquirer Editorial | Citizen of the Year

'Who knows what God has brought us through this child?"

That is the sage meaning of the Nigerian Ibo word, amachi.

Because he looks for divine potential in the children of incarcerated parents, the Editorial Board selects the Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode Sr. as its 2006 Citizen of the Year.

He receives the award as an individual whose own life portrays the possibilities of redemption, and as a representative of all who have worked so hard to curb the plague of gun violence afflicting this region.

This year, Goode was one of five inaugural winners of the Purpose Prize, which honors Americans over 60 for their work on social problems.

Judges cited him for his leadership of a Philadelphia-based mentoring organization named Amachi. The nonprofit has more than 240 programs nationwide helping 30,000 children.

GOODE introduces New Contract Opportunities Bill

GOODE introduces New Contract Opportunities Bill
Implementing New Charter Change approved by the Voters

(Philadelphia, November 16, 2006) – City Councilman At-Large W. Wilson Goode, Jr. has introduced the New Contract Opportunities Bill, implementing the recent charter change approved by Philadelphia voters.

City Council has been given the authority to define and detail the categories of disadvantaged business enterprises and of City contracts that must be considered by the Finance Director in conducting the Annual Disparity Study and devising the Annual Participation Goals, as now required by Section 6-109 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter. The new legislation includes additional matters from Council that should be included in the Finance Director’s annual report, as authorized by the charter change.

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