Politico article on Redistricting: "No Democrat is facing more blowback than Brady. "

See the Politico article "Some Dems embrace GOP maps" which contains an interesting detail about the redistricting disgrace I was unaware of :

No Democrat is facing more blowback than Brady. The map solidified the congressman’s hold on the Philadelphia-based district he has held since 1998 by shrinking the number of black voters and thereby diminishing the prospect of a strong primary challenge from a black candidate. The plan even drew the home of a potential Brady challenger, Democratic state Rep. Tony Payton, outside of the district. (my emphasis)

But Brady’s plan may have backfired: Former Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge Jimmie Moore has turned the congressman’s alliance with Republicans into a central theme of his primary bid against Brady. Moore is crisscrossing the district accusing Brady, a longtime party boss who also heads the Philadelphia Democratic Party, of being a turncoat. In a letter to Brady posted on Moore’s website, the former judge wrote: “Watching you sell out your party for your own benefit, I felt as I imagine [Philadelphia] Eagles fans would feel if Michael Vick, in his Eagles uniform, was caught in the back of a bar sharing game plans with [New York Giants quarterback] Eli Manning.”

“He’s not just a Democrat. He is the head of the Democratic Party in Philadelphia. When the head of the party teams up with the opposing party, what does that say?” Moore told POLITICO. “I think it’s major.”


Brady claims that he knew nothing about the contours of the plan, but it just so happens that a potential challenger's house is conveniently cut out of the district!

Not only has Brady made it more difficult for Democrats to regain the house, he has made his district much less competitive for an African-American challenger for the next 10 years.

brady is lying

If Brady is saying "that he knew nothing about the contours of the plan", he is LYING. According to Politicis PA:

Dem. City Committee Chairman and U.S. Congressman Bob Brady lobbied his allies in Harrisburg to vote for the map, and it wasn’t too bad for Rep. Chaka Fattah either. These 18 Democrats aren’t necessarily Brady’s people (though many are), but they’re in the Philly orbit and voted for the map: [list of supporters at the link]...

Brady ally Tina Tartaglione cast the deciding vote in favor of the plan in the Pa. Senate State Government Committee last week (it passed committee 6-5; she voted against it on the Senate floor).

Brady also has sway for those seeking statewide office; his backing can make the difference in a Democratic primary.

You can read the rest at the link. Suffice it to say, the Brady doth protest too much.

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