Joe Sestak May Primary Arlen

Good. Good. Good.

Interviewed on MSNBC, Joe Sestak just said he still might run against Specter.

He wants to see what Arlen Specter stands for. This is hugely important. Time to see what Arlen's plans are. If Sestak is sincere about this, he is doing us a huge favor.

If this prognosticator's opinion matters

I'd guess that Sestak would still get in, unless the party gave him goodies to stay out.

What could they offer the Ambitious Admiral?

There's no other Senate seat to promise him easy access to (unless my Casey dream about listening to his father's ghost and taking back the family mansion come true), so there's only the Specter seat for him to set his sights on.

Did he really quit the highest and most powerful echelons of the military to represent Delaware County in the House for the rest of his life?

I doubt it.

And those who think the Septuagenarian DINO effectively cuts off a lot of local fundraising should remember how much Sestak has raised outside the state. Hollywood parties to win him a House seat could very easily evolve into even larger Hollywood parties to make him a senator.

With his ties to House of Clinton, he has access to fundraising sources that Pete Flaherty, Bob Edgar, Joe Hoeffel and every other Dem Specter beat could never dream of.

Unless the word comes from on high (The Great O), I don't know who could convince Sestak to not run.

Hopefully. Because Arlen just

Hopefully. Because Arlen just torched workers yet again in his press conference.

President Obama

People who might be able to convince Sestack not to run would include President Obama, President Clinton, Vice-President Biden, Governor Ed Rendell, and pollsters reporting Specter with a large lead over Sestack in the Democratic primary.

What is happening now may include searching for leverage. My guess is that Arlen Specter is way ahead in the leverage game in the Democratic Party.

i am calling joe sestak right now

and urging him to jump in. 202-225-2011.

does everyone have to fill in a spam captcha?

Possible exception: party promises Sestak 2016

If the party were to hop on Specter like, well, like a certain kind of businessperson hops on a sailor just come into port with his wages (ahem), they might ask Sestak to wait until 2016.

Specter's age could work in his favor: he could promise to retire after one last term with the party he abandoned in the Age of Aquarius.

But I'm with Brendan: I'd prefer senator with a real D, rather than a question mark after his name.

Agreed. I hope he isn't so

Agreed. I hope he isn't so patient.

Call Tim Pawlenty too

so the fillibuster-proof Al Franken decade can finally, rightfully begin:

Office of the Governor
130 State Capitol
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155

Telephone: (651) 296-3391
Toll Free: (800) 657-3717
Facsimile: (651) 296-2089

Sestak is irrelevant

Joe is one vote in a vast Democratic House majority. Specter not only gives Obama the critical 60th senate vote, but this far out from the 2010 race, Specter has to follow the leader for at least a year.
While it will be a hot race, Specter already has 6 million in the bank and state-wide recognition. Sestak is not well know, has no chits with PA political leaders and has alienated his local Dem leadership.
Sestak tried to jump-ship from the 7th district by attaching himself to Hillary's star in 2007.

"Did he really quit the highest and most powerful echelons of the military to represent Delaware County in the House for the rest of his life?"

Sestak "quit" because he lost his patron Admiral and his head was on the chopping block. His treatment of those under his command was apparently just as rotten as he treats his current staff. However, his current staff has a high turnover rate because they are not stuck in a ship in the middle of ocean. His uncontrolled and vicious temper, combined with his lack of vision beyond trying to climb the ladder, and folding to Bush on Iraq War have shown Sestak to be a non-leader.

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