Legislature - Pay Us Back -AGAIN

Pay Us Back - Again

As President of the Delaware County Young Democrats and a taxpayer, I Casey Roncaglione, am calling on Representative Mario Civera to repay Taxpayers for the money spent airing Public Service Announcements on his behalf. The total is $114,801. We also demand all other Legislators, Republican and Democrat, to do the same.

Mr. Civera (R-164 Upper Darby) stood on the House floor calling for restraint of new taxes in the Governor's budget. A good start to that restraint would be to reimburse the Taxpayer for Representative Civera's own lack of restraint, anything less would be hypocritical and make his budget statements just political posturing.

When Representative Civera took the late night pay raise in 2005, he reluctantly returned the money after public pressure forced him to face reality. We hope he will see the light with his PSA spending as he did with the pay raise, and return the money to the State.

Public Service announcements have been called nothing more than taxpayer funded election commercials. The information included in PSA's is available in many other places, including libraries, district offices, newspapers, and from the service providers themselves. This material is also provided free to citizens.

When the House voted to eliminate the PSA spending, Mr. Civera voted not to eliminate them, while his colleague Representative Greg Vitali voted yes to stop the waste.
Once again Mr. Civera has failed to hear that taxpayers are fed up with waste in Government. The State needs no new taxes, rather it needs cuts in spending, particularly those programs which are without doubt unnecessary.

If Mr. Civera is serious about reducing taxes then he should start at home and repay the $114,801 he spent on his Public Service Announcements.

Refund PSA Money

Dear Pennsylvanians,

To start the campaign to voice your displeasure over the spending of your taxes for Public Service Announcements to promote legislators re-elections we must force them to refund the money. The total expenditures are in the Millions. PSA's are little more than campaign commercials, paid for by taxpayers, and happen to run around election periods. The same information is available in many other places.

Contact Mario Civera who spent $114,801 at e-mail mcivera@pahousegop.com , his office is (610) 853-4115.

This campaign is bipartisan and aimed at both Democrats and Republicans. Here are their web sites.





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