Maria Quinones Sanchez IS a really, really, really good Councilwoman, and we need to keep her

Tomorrow is election day. I gave you my thoughts before about Jeff Hornstein, as someone worth supporting, because of what sort of Councilman I think he will be.

Well, in another district- the 7th- there is someone else that progressives everywhere should support, because of the kind of Councilwoman she already is: Maria Quinones Sanchez.

I am extremely biased here- I know her, I like her, someone very close to me works for her, etc, but, Councilwoman Sanchez is the best. She is progressive, forward thinking, and beholden to no one. Whether it is innovative thinking on taxes, the “Freshman 15,” helping find justice for victims of massive scams, or simply being an accessible, progressive voice, she is immeasurably valuable to have on Council. We all know this, right?

All that said, the Councilwoman has a fight on her hands tomorrow, with the ward leaders in her district after her. So, if you are looking for a place to volunteer tomorrow, click here. And, if you want to help fund her GOTV effort, please donate what you can.

This is a race that has to be won, because she is a Councilwoman that we have to keep.

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