No big deal. Just the failure of our civil society.

What is wrong with this picture? Or more like, what is wrong with all of us?

The Inquirer reminded us today that Pennsylvania's population just keeps going up and up and up. And hey, we even get some kudos!

Taken as a whole, Pennsylvania's efforts at dealing with overcrowding are among the most resourceful of any state in the nation, said George Camp, a national prison expert.

"They have been very creative in anticipating the future needs to avoid a real crisis," said Camp, a principal at the Criminal Justice Institute, an independent consulting group. "Someone has been doing their homework."

Few other states are building prisons in such a down economy.

Egggg-cellent. Pa. officials are so forward thinking that they anticipated that as a state we would incarcerate more and more and more citizens. Suuuuuuper.

The article does note some small amount of forward thinking steps- effectively increasing the number of halfway houses. But, the deeper question is what is wrong with our criminal policies, and with our society as a whole, when we have numbers that staggering, with no end in sight.

And of course incarcerating that much

costs a whole lot of money. Money that could be used for crime prevention, on smarter enforcement before violent crime escalates, on programs to get folks GED's and into drug treatment programs, on building a probation system that actually works at keeping tabs on people once they get out. All of those things together are still cheaper that keeping people in lock down. But it depends on where your priorities are.

Pennsylvania's priorities seem to be on paying more and more to lock more and more people up but not enough to adequately track them when they get out of the system to stop the "revolving door" effect. Because apparently the mere appearance of being "tough on crime" is more politically important than actually preventing it or reducing its social costs. Go figure.
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TONYA WYCHE, The Evil Grinch who stole away the Justice from me.

November 21, 2009

Subject: TONYA WYCHE, The Evil Grinch who stole away the Justice from me...!!

To: Every citizen who is seeking justice from the courts.

The very essence of liberty certainly consists in the right of every individual to claim protection of laws and seek redress from the courts. When the courts become corrupted, the road to tyranny becomes more accessible. There are many examples of cases in which the court clerks have demonstrated a pattern of proclivity and kowtowing towards the prosecutors.

In my case, the evil Grinch in the Third Circuit Court of appeals sits as a case manager by the name of Tonya Wyche. Ms. Wyche refuses to docket and file my pleadings and motions to my cases. I sent a motion for dismissal of the indictment based on an congressional amendment of the federal law, which proves that the conduct charged in my indictment was never considered as a crime by the congress. I sent repeated requests to her for her explanation as to why my motion is not filed, but my inquiries were never responded. I tried to call her on numerous occasions, but she refused to take my calls. When I tried to file my motion electronically, Ms. Wyche conveniently cancelled my registration as an Electronic Document filer to the courts. Ms. Wyche also refuses to issue an scheduling order in my criminal appeals despite the appellate case file in her office since past TWO YEARS!!.

Ms. Wyche has hermetically closed the court doors for me and is preventing me to seek justice from the Court of Appeals.

Her actions and conduct is not because of incompetence, but rather because malice aforethought. This curtailment of right to access the courts makes it more difficult to seek redress and easier to prolong oppressive incarceration of innocent persons. In so far as the court clerks violate the rights recognized by the founding fathers codified in the constitution, their conduct is illegitimate. May be that these clerks have their own customized version of the constitution. But, when court clerks scorn their oath to uphold the constitution, they transform themselves into predator class, and justice is lost leading to arcane, arbitrary and secretive procedures with flagrant erosion of justice.

These type of clerks scorn their own mandatory duty by deciding the case and showing actual bias against the defendants for personal careerist reasons - promotion, retirement, post-retirement opportunity. Their power have given them a hubris, arrogance, and sense of invulnerability that has eroded the effective administration of the judiciary system. Rouge clerks do not have horns or tails; if they did, they would be easier to identify. The complaint proceedings against these corrupt clerks are a farce as no action is taken against these dissolute and venal clerks.

I am not writing this with slightest expectations of ending this autocratic behavior. These clerks cannot be stopped because their behavior is simply a function of the way they are and how they think, their dispositions, and the way they deal with the criminal defendants. However, they can be understood, exposed, and watched, and there is a compelling reason to do so. While their misconduct may be considered harmless in the scheme of things, their larger undertaking is of great concern. These clerks, who carry out their vendetta against citizens almost never have to pay to either the government's or citizen's legal bills, and their only incentive is to stretch their power as far as possible.

Clerks like Ms. Tonya Wyche cannot be trusted to exercise the powers given to them. Examples of this nature, if not restrained by national control, would be multiplied and extended till they become serious sources of arbitrary and disparate treatment. To prevent future bigots and ignoramuses from controlling the judicial system, these clerks have to be de-fanged and their arbitrary powers be excised. And without governmental involvement - without active monitoring of the actions of the court clerks and without vigorous resistance to their misconduct - people will have few means to safeguard their lives and property.



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never gets talked about

during the Philadelphia budget "discussions," one often heard the argument that we now have more civil servants than [X] years ago, despite having a much smaller population. what nobody seems to mention is that in fact we have far *fewer* civil servants in every department except corrections -- the growth in prison staffing has swamped all other efficiencies. is that really how we want to run our city/state/world? yuck.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
— Margaret Mead

Part of that

in the county jail, is folks who haven't even been convicted yet - but are just too broke to make bail. And the problem is magnified by a swamped court system, so both the accused and crime victims wait longer for trials. Its the craziest thing about budget priorities in the criminal justice system.

Its like the criminal justice system is a car and people know that tuning up various pieces will make the old jalopy run more reliably and make the whole system work better. But rather than tuning the engine or fixing the bald tires we just keep building a bigger trailer (jails) for the system to drag along behind. Why? Because it makes good election speeches to say "I promise I will throw all the dead weight in the trailer in the back". Never any money to invest in things that will scale down the system and ultimately make it cheaper to run, always more money for more jails.
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Request for Congressional Investigation against illegal hirings

Subject: Request for Congressional Investigation against illegal hirings of SAUSAs by Patrick Meehan, Republican. Congressional seat contestant for 7th District in Pennsylvania.

November 21, 2009

I write this to seek a congressional investigation for the illegal hiring of Special AUSA Mr. James Pavlock and others by Mr. Patrick Meehan during his term of office as a United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania from 2001-2008. Mr. Meehan is now running for the 7th district congressional seat in Pennsylvania.

The Executive Office of United States Attorneys (EOUSA) and the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management Office(OARM) of the Department of Justice have confirmed to me after a long series of communications that Mr. Patrick Meehan had no authority to appoint Mr. James Pavlock as a Special AUSA for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. It is evident that Mr. Meehan appointed Mr. Pavlock based on political and ideological affiliations and to further his quest for witch hunts and Machiavellian prosecutions. Mr. James Pavlock, who had no previous litigation experience claimed himself to be 'senior trial attorney' and issued hundreds of illegal and punumbral subpoenas in normal investigations using the provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT. When asked to disclose the subpoenas, he repeatedly denied the disclosure.
I request a prompt congressional investigation against Mr. Patrick Meehan and Mr. James Pavlock. It is the Congress, which carries the traditional power to expose malfeasance and malversation of public officials. Moreover, the public should be informed about licentious hirings of partisan votaries and interlopers by Mr. Meehan and the nefarious abuse of USA PATRIOT Act. Upon request, I will provide all the necessary documentary proof to the honorable members of the Congress.


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Linking immigration detention to rising prison rates

Nationally, the fastest growing sector of detention/incarceration is undocumented immigrants. It should be noted that the Mayor's (optional) choice to join a national program that expands the linkages between local police and immigration authorities raises the possibility of increased detention locally. In other cities this program has been criticized for increased detention costs since federal authorities often do not pick up marked detainees within a scheduled time period.

In addition, with the closing of the atrocious T. Don Hutto facility in Texas - PA holds the only prison in the country (in Berks County) that imprisons immigrant children and families - most of whom are seeking political asylum or are winding their way through the system - in other words they aren't picked up for immigration violations later, they're usually picked up at the beginning of the immigration process.

Last month the Reading Eagle noted that the feds planned to move all the families and children from T. Don Hutto (which has been cited among others for separating toddler aged children from their parents in barred cells and for a lack of adequate educational and health services for children). The only problem is: Berks is full.

Federal officials announced Thursday that they were closing a detention center for immigrant families in Texas and sending the detained families to the Berks Family Shelter Care Facility in the former Berks Heim.

But nobody told Berks County. And the Berks facility is full.

County Commissioner Kevin S. Barnhardt, who is chairman of the county prison board, said he was unaware of the move by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

And I thought's comment section was scary

the Reading Eagle puts us to shame. So the Feds are failing to process detainees safely, adequately, humanely or in a timely fashion - but they are mandating that local government pick up their slack and do their dirty work for them. Where are the "fiscal conservatives" complaining about "unfunded Federal mandates"? Oh thats right, falling in line with GOP party leaders trying to milk xenophobia, scapegoating and bigotry for every last possible vote. Ooops, sorry I forgot.

Yet another reason why immigration enforcement and criminal law enforcement should be separate worlds where never the two shall meet (at least not until someone is actually convicted of something).
MrLuigi, my cat, actually only types half as badly as I do.

This Libertarianista suggests

culling some of the prison population by de-legalization of marijuana possession, production and distribution and other similar controlled substances which aren't really a major threat to "national security" (steroids, Tylenol-3, etc).

Patrick Meehan needs to come forward and admit his wrong doings.

November 21, 2009

Subject: Patrick Meehan needs to come forward and admit his wrong doings.

Mr. Patrick Meehan seems to be busy in his fund raising for the 7th district congressional election. But before he goes to ask for votes from the public, he needs to admit his wrong doings and previous misconduct in office as the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of pennsylvania.

Recently, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Office of Professional responsibility (OPR) of the Department of Justice have publically released three reports after conducting a joint investigation of politicized hiring and improper personnel actions by the Team Bush loyals in the executive Department. See These reports are a proof of the republican government reeked with influence peddling and power brokering. Meehan belongs to the same party which is swollen by endless false promises, swollen by taking of tasks for which it has no competence or authority, and swollen by its own arrogance and eternal meddling.

Mr. Patrick Meehan himself was involved in the hiring of his political lap dogs. Without any authority, he illegally appointed Mr. James Pavlock as Special AUSA for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Mr. Pavlock, who had no previous litigation experience, and with resume that has more embroidery than substance and a style that has more bluff than experience, claimed himself to be 'Senior Trial Attorney' in the court filings. Unauthorized prosecutors like Pavlock are a cesspool of greed, a disgusting pattern of moral corruption, and a pathetic, disgusting example of greed run amok.

Pavlock was a leader in the snarling pack chasing unauthorized prosecutions. Pavlock abused his position by executing sham subpoenas, illegal wiretaps and suborning perjury in the court proceedings. In doing so, he pushed the governing authority beyond the law and the constitution. Pavlock was a wonderful manipulator, with illogical, inconsistent and contradictory arguments, often equivalent to cow flatulence. But, Mr. Meehan ensured that before he resigned from the office, James Pavlock is given a permanent AUSA position.

Mr. Meehan did not stop his hiring of AUSA's. He ensured that his long time friend, and former prosecutor, Paul S. Diamond is appointed as a Federal District Judge. Paul Diamond, who has a gift for straightforward deviousness, is a right-wing zealot on the bench posing a danger of using the imprimatur of the law to exorcise his devils. Paul Diamond's judging is now motivated by opportunism, careerism and a need to please those in power. For this very reason, Mr. Meehan pushed his buddy's name to be promoted as a Third Circuit Judge, despite dozens of senior and more qualified Judges in the District Court. Mr. Meehan also ensured that the entire administration of the federal courts- clerks, deputies and case managers - are gerrymendered so that the courts can become a backyard for his political philosophy.

But Mr. Meehan promises that he will 'change' the ways of the government. How convenient...! How hypocritical...!!


P.S.: Meehan's FEC records also reveal that he is circumventing the Federal Election Laws by receiving multiple donations of $2400 from same persons or groups.


Meant to link elsewhere

Patrick Meehan: Another one of G.W.Bush Stooge runs for election

November 21, 2009

Dear sir,

SUBJECT: Patrick Meehan: Another one of G.W.Bush Stooge runs for election!!

Former United States Attorney, Patrick Meehan, announced his candidacy of the Congressional seat in the 7th district of Pennsylvania. In his announcement speech, he vowed to 'begin to restore this country.'
This height of hypocrisy comes from a person who thoroughly abused his position as a United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. For a man who claims to 'restore integrity to our nation's capital' and having a set of 'guiding principles: faith integrity ... and accountability,' he has made unauthorized appointments to his interloper friends as Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys (SAUSA's).
It is for the public to decide that these appointment(s) were an attempt by Meehan to curb nation's growing unemployment problem or another Blagojevich bazaar for government positions.** Meehan and his subordinates also fully abused the provisions of USA PATRIOT ACT to gather information in all kinds of normal, non-terrorist investigations. When requested to disclose the copies of these subpoenas, the prosecutors rightfully claimed the 'state secret' privileges. (Documentary proof will
be mailed if you send your name and mailing address to
Meehan's rhetoric also includes talks about 'fighting the big spending ways' and 'unchecked spending' by the Federal Government. While, as a U.S. Attorney, he was providing first class airfares to his Assistant U.S. Attorneys and federal agents to travel around the world; a practice forbidden by the Department of Justice policies. Let's not forget that this former law enforcement officer was also involved in gathering his campaign money through a personal fund raising event with the aid of Acting
United States Attorney, Ms. Laurie Magid, and dozens of federal prosecutors; in violation of the Federal Hatch Act. Ms. Magid was investigated by the Office of Inspector General and promptly removed from the office. Meehan also has an on-going love affair with the pharmaceutical companies. The FEC records would show that majority of Meehan's campaign finance is funded by them. Meehan has proved his loyalty
to them by commencing sham prosecutions against any businesses which the pharmaceutical companies deem as adverse to their interests.
The public should be informed the truth about this self-righteous, masquerading maverick, who is nothing but a Team Bush old puppet with new strings.

Dr. Akhil Bansal
Email -

** Blagojevich at least had the valid requisite authority to make a senate appointment.

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