Come to the MockSantorum Contest Finals! It's a lot like a YPP Happy Hour...

As we discuss here at YoungPhillyPolitics all the time, building a true, grassroots movement in Philadelphia to make electoral change is tough. The only way to do it is through really hard work--talking one-on-one with as many people as possible and convincing them that voting or volunteering for change can really pay-off.

This hard work has to be balanced with some fun too. That's why my organization, Philadelphians Against Santorum, decided to hold a contest, called mockSantorum, to find the best Rick Santorum impersonator in the city. After weeks of searching we're holding an American Idol-style contest among the mockSantorum contest finalists to select a winner. Friday, 8 PM in No. Libs.

This is going to be a really fun night, with impersonations by Alex U-A, and other YPP friends, free beer and wine, and lots of young, and old Philly progressives, and a few musical and other performances. There will also be some local celebrity judges including blogger Atrios, Linda Carpenter from Yard's Brewery, In Bed with Butch's Butch, Fareeda Mabry, and Gwen Shaffer from PW.

Please come and RSVP here

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Showdown: the mockSantorum Contest Finals
June 23rd @ the Ortlieb's Brewery Cabaret (NOT Ortlieb's Jazz Haus)
Northern Liberties, 829-51 N. American St, 8 PM

At the Showdown, each finalist will perform his or her best Rick Santorum impersonation, and then both the audience and a panel of celebrity judges will pick the best mockSantorum. The winner will star in a DVD used to get Philadelphia voters out to the polls in November.

There will be special appearances from other Philadelphia entertainers including Needles Jones, Tom Wilson Weinberg and Melissa Kolczynski, Bill Budd and Luke Dow, Quiet Rage and VJ Large Marge.

Help us spread the word about this contest! Download a contest poster here and put it up at your local coffee shop, bar, laundromat, church or bulletin board to invite more people to show.

Lastly, if you can't make it Friday, next week we're launching a new campaign called Neighborhoods Against Santorum.

The key to beating Santorum is to get neighbors to talk to neighbors who don't normally vote. That's why we're forming chapters of Philadelphians Against Santorum all over the city to recruit block captains to talk to potential voters this summer.

We'll kick this campaign off with the first of four neighborhood-based meetings. To find out if a chapter has formed in your neighborhood, or to start one, click here.

Traditionally, a lot of us participate in elections just by voting. But the race to unseat Santorum is going to be a tough one to win, and it means that just voting is not enough.

If we really want to beat Santorum, all of us need to talk to people who don't usually vote and get them excited about unseating Santorum too.

If you have any questions, email me ray AT phillyagainstsantorum DOT org

In case anyone doesn't know,

In case anyone doesn't know, Ortlieb's has totally kickass food.

Good Beer, Attendance and Comic Relieft

Ray, The Mock Santorum Event was well done. Courtney was a great MC.

Can we get some transcripts or at least quotes of the best lines of the night when available?

I can't wait until the pious hermit is sent back to his cave.

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