House District Invasion

The Pennsylvania House Democratic Campiagn Committee is sponsoring a poll to help them to decide what contested state house race should receive an infusion of cash and staff from the HDCC.

I was alerted to the this by Bryan Lentz, who many of us know as Seth William's campiagn manager. Bryan moved to Delaware County to take on Republican incumbents and is worthy of your support.

Also on the list of candidates eligible for help is Brendan Boyle who has the best shot at taking down a Philadelphia Republican in his race against incumbent George Kenney.

Other candidates of note on the list of contenders:Tim Kearney in NE Philly, who is running against John Perzel, Marie DiYoung in Delco and Rick Taylor in Montco/Bucks.

Make whatever pick you want, but vote early and vote often here!

Vote for Brendan Boyle

Everyone should vote for Brendan Boyle. He's a really smart guy that is a real hard worker. He's running against John Perzel's best buddy in the legislature (George Kenney). Kenney will have all his Parking Authority lackies helping his campaign out so all of us should help Brendan out.

Argument for Rick Taylor

He worked for Paul Wellstone, he drives down to go to Philly Against Santorum events, and for hell's sake, we're taking on a six-term Republican incumbent with - yes - a Republican machine behind him!

check us out:

Vote Lentz

I voted for Bryan Lentz. Much like these other deserving Democratic candidates, Bryan is running against a candidate backed by the corrupt Delaware County Republican machine. His opponent, the 28-year incumbent Tom Gannon is also one of Perzel's best friends in Harrisburg--they even share an apartment there during the session, and Gannon nominated Perzel for speaker.

Bryan Lentz is a veteran of Iraq and Bosnia, and a former Army Ranger. After graduating from Georgetown undergrad and Temple Law School, he served as a prosecutor in Philly for six years. Most recently, he commanded a civil affairs detachment in Mosul, Iraq for 10 months in 2004.

Bryan is smart and passionate, and a candidate very deserving of your vote.

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