The Day

Tuesday. The day. Time to vote, and help get other people out to vote. And there is still time to help out. This is an email from Jen at Philly Against Santorum:

Even if you can only spare a few hours after work, we can really use your help in our final push before the polls close. We'll be in neighborhoods all over the city, staging out of 4 areas:

Northwest Headquarters:
The Former Anglesea Pub
7136-38 Germantown Avenue (across from Infusions Café)

Center City East/Queen Village HQ:
310 Delancey Street

Center City West HQ:
2211 Bainbridge Street

West Philly Headquarters:
Green Line Café
43rd and Baltimore

And, with a little luck and a lot of work tomorrow, here is who we will be electing:

Bob Casey:

Ed Rendell:

Patrick Murphy:

Joe Sestak:

Lois Murphy:

What We Are Fighting For

Disclosure: I am working full-time as a GOTV coordinator for the
Greg Morris for Senate campaign.

On Thursday, hundreds of workers from the AGY Fiberglass factory in
Huntingdon went on strike. Employees were forced to accept a $5/hr pay
cut in the last round of contract negotiations to help the company
avoid bankruptcy. Now, the fiberglass factory is making record
profits. Workers are demanding that previous wage cuts be restored
along with a cost of living increase.

I have spent several hours on the picket lines with these workers. It
is incredibly inspiring. They are simply demanding a little respect
and dignity on the job. If honking horns are any indication, this
politically conservative community has rallied around the strikes.
Everyone in this small town knows someone who works at the plant and
is rooting against the management.

I am proud to say that the strikers have been joined by local
Democratic candidates. Greg Morris, a first time candidate running for
State Senate, has given his full support to the workers and their
demands. The local Democratic candidates for Congress and State
Legislature have also stopped by the picket lines.

This election, we are fighting for an increase in the minimum wage. We
are fighting to give workers a voice on the job. We are fighting for
the basic right to healthcare and retirement security. In short, we
are fighting to preserve the middle class.

Let's all get out and vote for a better future tomorrow.

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