Congressman Joe Sestak

I would like to introduce everyone to Congressman-elect Joe Sestak:

Joe has blown me away this campaign, and he just blew away Curt Weldon. Congressman Sestak will not only grab a hold of this seat for as long as he wants it. And, he will instantly assume an important role for Democrats figuring out the best way that we can get out of Iraq, and help us push national healthcare back on the agenda.

Another congrats here to Colin Holtz-Eakin, of the Sestak internet team. Colin was pushing the Congressman before any of us had a clue, and pushed certain stories- like Weldon chastising Sestak for the hospital where he sent his daughter- from the blogosphere into the national media.

Feels good to win.

gotta say, I sure like the sound of that!

I almost don't remember what it feels like to have backed some winners. I look forward to getting used to it! %^)


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
— Margaret Mead

Grassroots activists

I think it's important to recognize that many people in Washington and Harrisburg thought this race was unwinnable. Congressman-elect Sestak fought hard when everyone said he had no chance.

It should also be noted that the progressive movement helped Sestak win. He recived support on numerous blogs and from grassroots activists. In fact, allied organizations helped mobilize thousands of voters for Sestak. His comfortable margin was padded by support from our voters.


Sestak a great template for party strength

I think that Joe's an interesting model for the party. While the Netroots battles for influence with the DLC-types and the Beltway insider crowd, Joe brought people together under a single banner. He worked with Rahm at the NDCC and yet never shied away from the Netroots. He brought together supporters from two camps in the fractious Delaware County Democratic Party. (In May, the leadership vote split 162-160.)

Joe is essentially a populist moderate. He fits well in the centrist Clinton-esque mode. Yet, unlike a lot of other members of that camp, he embraces the party, and finds common ground with those of us who are more liberal than he.

If he wins in 2008 with a big margin, he would be a great person for the party to tap for a future NDCC campaign, because Admiral Joe really knows how to get all the various factions of the party pulling their oars in the same direction.

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