State Representative Tony Payton

I would like to introduce everyone to State Representative Tony Payton:

OK, so, 99 percent of the readers of the blog probably do not need an intro to Tony. But, as we know he is a young guy who worked his butt off to get into Harrisburg. And, you can be sure that Tony now has a big ol' target on his back.

Over the next two years, it is up to progressives to help Tony craft and push progressive legislation and solidify his hold on the seat.

Congrats, Tony.

Rep-elect Payton is....

...a star.
He's brilliant.
He's only 25. Holy guacamole! He's already taught me a ton, and i have been in politics a lot longer than he has.
It's a little child-prodigy-style scary.
He beat the machine challenge in his race.
He came out of the leadership battle with, what, 2 or 4 more staffers?

And...i know it seems unusual, in thinking about hrbg -
but Tony is also a good person. He will be a very thoughtful and courageous
I cant wait to see what he does. I am really looking forward to it!

The Real Deal - Part 2

I definitely agree with Hannah and Seth's comments regarding Tony. Throughout this difficult and stressful election, Tony has remained upbeat (even when the odds were against him) and focused on getting to the know the voters of his District. At his age, we hope that he will have many years of service to his constituents and rise in leadership to benefit the City and the entire Commonwealth.

Take care,

Derek Green

How old was Fattah when he wo

How old was Fattah when he won his state house seat? Just asking.


The Real Deal

I want to personally thank everyone that has helped Tony. In many ways he is the younger brother I never had, and I am sincerely thankful for the support he is now receiving. He has succeeded against all odds, and along the way was vilified for having the nerve, audacity and temerity of saying aloud "I think I can make a difference." The challenge now, is to ensure that Representative-Elect Payton is empowered to serve the residents of the 179th district and to bring them the resources and services that they truly deserve.

Tony is the Real Deal. He says what is on his mind at all times and to everyone. He is a hard worker and is never afraid to pull up his sleeves and do the grunt work that most folks relegate to others. I could go on for ever, needless to say...I am proud of Tony and like the rest of you I hope to watch his career of public service for years to come.

The young Fattah

I think he was about 24-26. I looked through his online bio but couldn't find it. I know he ran for committeeperson before he was old enough to vote, and his State House race wasn't many years later.

A Great Car Ride To Harrisburg

Tony rode with me and a few other folks--I think it was Steve Masters and Sharon Losier--to a CPL fellowship event in Harrisburg.

As we got in the car, I heard for the first time that Tony was thinking about running for state representative. I didn't know him that well at the time and my first thought was that it would be very hard for someone with his lack of experience. During the ride he was alternatively explaining with great passion why he wanted to do this and talking on his cell phone with potential supporters.

By the time we got to Harrisburg, he seemed sure he was running and I was entirely behind him doing so. I have tried to help him in many ways since. He passionately cares about using politics to make life better for people. He is honest and fearless. And he has an incredible energy level.

Tony is going to be a great leader in this city and state for a long time and I'm really proud to have been present practically at the creation of this great politician.

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