"I'll wait till someone with a badge or a gun asks me to. Thanks."

I'll never forget my first venture organizing with John Dodds and his cadre of experienced justicers in the Raise the Minimum Wage Coalition. We went to Lebanon, Pennsylvania, in order to give the recently ousted Senate Majority Leader Chip Brightbill a headache over his failure to deliver a vote on raising the minimum wage (we eventually brought him around - the Senator could have saved some Advil and gone along from the start).

Anyway, Jeff Hornstein was one of the organizers that came that day. After we did our third press conference outside of Brightbill's office, we scattered to different parts of town to get petitions signed by people who supported a raise in the minimum wage.

John and I went downtown. Jeff Hornstein and Lance Haver went to one of the big supermarkets on the outskirts of town. Now, petitioning a recalcitrant local Senator and protesting outside his office is radical stuff there in Lebanon. When our crew appeared in the supermarket parking lots, the owners didn't like it.

Eventually, they came out and told Lance and Jeff to leave. Jeff told the guy, "Well, I'll wait till someone with a badge or a gun asks me to go."

Man-o-man. What a guy. That was the day I decided to apply to work at The Philadelphia Unemployment Project.

Anyway, we think that Philadelphia is a bastion of Labor strength, and it is. But every new group of workers is a new struggle and a new fight to get in. Jeff and SEIU are again at the vanguard organizing the folks at Scotland Yard Security.

YPP folks will remember that there have been security guard organizing fights at Temple and UPenn as well this year. The security industry is a hot new area for organizing and with guys like Hornstein and awesome unions like SEIU taking the lead, I know we'll get somewhere.

Anyway, I found this story in the City Paper really exciting. I almost missed it, but I happened to pick it up for my bus ride home last night. You should read it, too, and get pumped as Labor marches forward.

Great article.

Great article.

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